Amadou and Mariam: BURO. Singapore #181

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Text: Amadou and Mariam

This is a special playlist with some of our favourite tracks, especially curated for you to get a sense of our music.

Stevie Wonder is a blind person like us. He is an example and inspiration for us and our music. We love Pink Floyd's music  their sound, effects, melodies and vocals in tracks like 'Money'. They have helped us to search for our own voice.

We loved the song 'Clandestino' and got to work with Manu Chao on our album Dimanche à Bamako. He is such a unique human being! We listen to Bad Company for their melodies and the way they sing with passion in songs like 'Simple Man.' We love their energy and learned English by listening to their music.

Miriam Makeba is Africa's dame who has been a great activist in the region and around the world. We met her when she came to visit us at the Young Blind Institute in Bamako. Her songs like 'Pata Pata' speak about a lot of things that are happening in Africa.

Enjoy two of our most popular tracks, 'Beaux Dimanches' and 'Boufou Safou', from our latest album.

Grammy-winning duo from Mali, Amadou & Mariam will be making their debut in Singapore at 8pm on Monday, 12 November at Capitol Theatre. Tickets are available on APACTix.  

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