Adrian Wee: Buro 24/7 Singapore Playlist #157

Shoulder pads ready

Text: Adrian Wee

Juggling two club nights and an event agency, Adrian Wee gives us the playlist he uses to bring him back to centre

I'm knighting this playlist, 'Shoulder Pads and Boogie Points'. After a few years of DJ-ing and organising parties, I've arrived at a sticky situation where I'm planning different events and playlists simultaneously, and that hurts my head a lot to tune my mind into different genres and styles. It's a little masochistic — but here I am still doing it nonetheless. Most times, I need to take a step back and dip into a playlist to cleanse my palette and get a little escape. Although 10 tracks are less than ideal to define my 'fortress of solitude', I think this is pretty much on the right track of representing my tastes — which finds itself slightly nodding to the '80s.

Over the past few years, I found myself taking a keen interest in Singaporean artists, and I've been very happy about the huge pool of talent we have and the huge range of styles they possess and inspirations they draw from. From DANI's ethereal indie-pop number 'Blue', to Joie Tan's amazing '80s-inspired ballad 'How Long', and FERRY's amazing gravity-defying electronica 'Words', these current faves have cemented themselves into my playlist.

Throwbacks, especially to the '80s, are my earworms these days. Chvrches have essentially made a huge name for themselves by going full reference to the '80s. 'Get Out' has that power over me to dig out my mum's old tops with shoulder pads and do the Locomotion or a cooler dance when there are people around. The Roosevelt treatment makes it punchier and more dramatic and added boogie points. DJ Koze's 'Pick Up' is another nod to the early Daft Punk and Thomas Bangalter's label Roule — sampling Gladys Knight & The Pips and Melba Moore for a dancefloor banger — again with more shoulder pads and added boogie points.

Adrian Wee, sometimes also known as weelikeme, is the founder of creative and events agency, Never and organises the party series Modern Love as well as Eatmepoptart, happening on 26 May, 10pm at Canvas Club.