Adia Tay: Long Bus Rides Buro. Singapore Playlist #208

On the road

Text: Adia Tay

Editor: Tracy Phillips

Long bus rides often make space for not-quite-forgotten memories and old lovers. There are rides where I intentionally invoke them with songs; other times the very same songs help me cope with the ghosts and longings that come to sit with me.

"Love that's given freely never dies, it only changes/And love that's taken easy, it has to hide in these exchanges" is pure poetry. Along with the poignant guitar lines and evocative drums, "Talking With The Wolves" by Glen Hansard
 is a perfect song to start the journey off. The imagery in "Michigan" by The Milk Carton Kid is perfect. You can almost feel the wind from the car window on your face, and your tears fading along your cheeks. I'm also a complete sucker for lyrics that hit you hard. 

Brad Mehldau is one of my favourite pianists. "When It Rains"  used to be my number one tune for getting out of a funk, believing life is good again, or staying calm during peak-hour transits. It is beautiful in that it recognises that everything is not alright, and that it will be yet.

Paul McCartney wrote "Maybe I'm Amazed" in 1969, just before the Beatles' breakup, and dedicated it to his wife, Linda. Of all the Yoko-Lennon couples out there, Paul-Linda ones still exist. This song gives me hope. It's something I imagine getting off the bus to; a good bridge out of the reminiscing and revisiting.

"No Expectations" by The Rolling Stones
 is one of my all-time favourite songs by one of my favourite bands. It reminds me of my ex-boyfriend a lot. You gotta love the heartfelt country guitar slides, Mick's speak-singing, and the simple yet striking lyrics: "Our love is like our music  it's here, and then it's gone."

Adia is a Singaporean chanteuse who performs cinematic covers as well as her own original music. She recently held her "Kintsugi" debut EP launch in April at Open Fields SG, songs that promise to intertwine with your innermost stories, and after every turn and soft fade, deposit you safely in the tavern of your soul.