Our favourite bands from Lush 99.5FM's 50 Songs in 50 Days

Now's their time

Our favourite bands from Lush 99.5FM's 50 Songs in 50 Days
From 1 June, Lush 99.5FM and Rdio Asia are teaming up to release 50 new songs from the best local talent over the course of 50 days. We choose our three favourites


Think of those addictive guitar riffs from indie rock bands like Vampire Weekend or Last Dinosaurs, and set them against a unique backdrop of more chilled out instrumentation and vocals – and you'll get Pleasantry's sound. After a fundraising tour across North America earlier this month, the sextet's back, and we can't wait to hear their new tunes. Check out their collaboration EP with San Francisco group Starry Eyed Cadet above.


In case you were wondering — yes, that 'dot' is pronounced. Fresh from their gig at the Laneway Festival in Singapore this year, the electronic duo made up of Din and Weish is like no other. Get ready to be transported to a different universe with each song ­— take for instance Diatribe, a track tinged with trippy beats and whispery vocals. Listen to the equally addictive Juvenile and get as pumped as we are for their new release, out later this year.

Din and Weish

The Steve McQueens

They're described by many as a jazz group, but The Steve McQueens venture extensively outside the genre. Drawing on soul, funk and pop influences, the band's music is an eclectic mix of sounds that work seamlessly together. Get a taste of their jazz infused neo-soul with Dreaming, a smooth and soothing track.

The Steve McQueens

Text: Varsha Sivaram

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    The Steve McQueens
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