#ManCrushMonday: Justin Trudeau

#ManCrushMonday: Justin Trudeau

Let's play dress up

Text: Adibah Isa

Image: Getty Images,
New York Magazine

Fan-girling on Canada's new prime minister Justin Trudeau? You can now play with his paper doll, thanks to New York Magazine

Forgive our candidness on this subject — but when was the last time you cared about Canada?

Sure, Hollywood occasionally name-drops the country when announcing their choice of filming locations and the origin of a number of celebrities — Ryan Gosling, Ellen Page, Michael J. Fox — but away from its celebrity association and maple syrup-making genius, the Great White North doesn't really elicit a favourable response.

That is, until Justin Trudeau came onto our radar. The newly sworn in Prime Minister of Canada has caused a global stir not only for his dashing good looks, but also his choice of cabinet — and we're not talking mahogany or teak. Canada's 23rd leader handpicked a diverse new cabinet which includes many firsts in the country's history: The first Afghanistan-born minister and the first native woman as a minister of justice.

Thanks to the Internet, the world outside Canada has uncovered many juicy details about this 43-year-old. He has two tattoos, used to act and has even stripped down for charity — but what's most interesting to us is his connection to Singapore. On his maternal side, Trudeau is descended from William Farquhar — the first resident of Singapore — and his French-Malay wife Antoinette Clement. 


But perhaps the juiciest thing the web has shared with us is this clever interactive paper doll of Trudeau by New York Magazine. With the PM in his birthday suit, you can drag and drop items to your fancy, whether you want Trudeau in his business best or casual Friday fit. We suggest a print-out copy to hang on your office wall for an up close look at the man who's so near, yet so Farquhar (sorry, we had to).

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