What do you want to see in Singapore this 2017?

What do you want to see in Singapore this 2017?

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Text: Adibah Isa

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The Buro 24/7 Singapore editorial team shares their New Year resolutions for Singapore this 2017

Norman Tan, editor-in-chief
"I hope that the publishers in Singapore would stop being so protectionist and open their minds to collaboration. Think of what we can do together in terms of innovative special projects that cover online, print, events and social media from our combined resources and expertise? Think of the creativity and connection that could be sparked from joining hands rather than crossing arms! Let's stop the current mentality of 'us' and 'them'; of desperately grasping onto what we have like a doomed Sia lyric — 'I'm holding on for dear life / Won't look down / Won't open my eyes.' It's a rapidly changing, often terrifying, new world. Let's face it together."  

Renée Batchelor, beauty editor
"I hope to see a more gracious society that looks out for the less fortunate among us. As certain sectors of society get more wealthy, the divide between the rich and poor is also widening. Whether it is through community involvement, fundraising or volunteering, I hope that more Singaporeans will not forget those left behind. On a personal note, I hope to get more involved as well." 

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Denise Kok, lifestyle editor
"I hope that the very diners who bemoan the loss of heritage food in Singapore will stop complaining about having to fork out $12.90 for a plate of nasi lemak at an eatery helmed by young chefs keen on keeping our edible legacy alive. It's 2017. We might very well lose our pioneer hawkers in the next 30 years. What's going to happen then? How many young people are willing to go into a labourious trade that demands hours of their time without the guarantee of a fat paycheck? It's time we start supporting those who bother to sink their sweat and blood into the wok."  

Adibah Isa, culture editor
"I hope that issues in Singapore regarding race, religion and xenophobia are given platforms where conversations can happen fluidly with open minds, without judgment and discrimination. All it takes is an education — or a re-education so that the best of Singapore won't fall under bigotry".  

Tracy Phillips, contributing editor
"I hope for more openness, understanding and generosity shown to one another. Till we walk a mile in someone's shoes, there's no space for judgment. I'd like that, and more vintage stores."

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Andrea Sim, fashion writer & stylist
"I hope that we remember to put down our phones once in awhile and stop living behind our screens. Social media and being digital has fuelled the need to capture each and every instance, but many moments are better fully experienced than simply stored in your camera roll. Instead of having FOMO about what the Kardashians and Jenners are currently up to, don't forget to speak to your friend seated right across you at the dinner table."   

Angelyn Kwek, writer
"I would like to see more positive, empowering expressions on social media in 2017 as the past year has seen netizens increasingly using these channels as a vehicle for castigation. In our age of global egalitarianism, we ought to be promoting a sense of camaraderie that sees us adding value to our online connections instead of using it as a means to tear others down. Take a back seat, keyboard warriors." 

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