Video interview with Taeyeon on the K-pop singer's new EP, Why

California girl

Text: Adibah Isa

Video: Video edited by: Hayley Choo
Video: Universal Music

Now a solo star in her own right, Girls' Generation and SNSD member Taeyeon releases her second EP, Why, and tell us all about collaborations with Dean and Hyoyeon

K-pop fever's not letting down anytime soon, and we're all for its dizzying highs — particularly when it involves a girl from a certain generation.

Girls' Generation lead Taeyeon's back with another solo effort after the release of her first EP, I, last October. This time, she poses a question, Why, in her seven-track EP. Featuring collaborations with Korean r&b favourite Dean and fellow band member Hyoyeon, it's the K-pop star's foray into tropical house, as illustrated by the sun-drenched, feel-good vibes of the album artwork and accompanying music video.

Watch the video interview above as Taeyeon tells us what's different the second time round and the creative process behind working with Dean and Hyoyeon.

Listen to Taeyeon's new EP, Why, here