#ManCrushMonday: Tim De Cotta

#ManCrushMonday: Tim De Cotta

Album brief

Text: Adibah Isa

Image: Henzy David

After the launch of his debut album The Warrior last weekend, we check in with Tim De Cotta on the stories behind his new tracks

1. The Warrior
"I wrote this track on one riff and used my bass to change the foundation of the harmony during the choruses. I like approaching a lot of my song-writing that way, where one constant melody line can fit over a number of chord voicings. You will see this in Take it Back as well, towards the end of that song too."

2. Arcade Time!!! feat. Mediocre Haircut Crew and Tofu Tofu
"My friend Rachel Yee aka. Tofu Tofu was experimenting with 8-bit music she generated from a Gameboy, and personally I love video games so I had to include her 8-bit or chiptune version of Art Pure on the album. It was the perfect start for Art Pure, which talks about keeping it real but in the setting of how it's all a game we play when we try to spread art and get noticed. I got MHC to create a soundscape with me as though we were thrash-talking each other and playing video games like Street Fighter and Winning Eleven to match Tofu Tofu's chiptune too!"

3. Seasons feat Jo'siah
"This is the newest song I've written. It's the most mature and free of the lot because it was written when I reached a point of letting go and really seeing the bigger picture after constantly being a control freak in a lot of aspects in my life. The last two years have taught me a lot when I set out with my arts company Getai Group, and it came with a host of challenges and reality checks. Seasons is a personal comfort and reminder to stay easy-going and free, even in life's greatest challenges and darkest hours."

4. Disconnect feat. Vandetta, Mean, Mars, Michaela Therese, Shak'thiya
"This was inspired by a rap I wrote that I turned into spoken word on the start of the track, talking about a disconnect I felt around how people perceive the world versus what it really is. But I write about how this is a fake perception, known by everyone, but without anyone saying anything or meaning what they feel or say. I wrote the string and piano arrangement at the start of the track to have a somewhat sombre and dramatic effect, sounding more like a classically arranged chamber music piece, that eventually evolved into hip-hop, featuring raps by Vandetta, Mean, Mars, Michaela Therese and Shak'thiya. All, except Mean, are not known for their rapping prowess but seeing them perform for years and how they write, I wouldn't have any other people spitting fire on this one if it weren't them."

5. Sleep feat. weish
"Sleep is about insomnia and nightmares, inspired by sleep paralysis and exhaustion that ironically keeps you awake. This one was written about two years ago around the start of diving into music, and how I would stay up at night not being able to sleep, thinking about everything under the moon. Some thoughts led to me not knowing I was asleep, and would be met with ghoulish or nightmarish scenarios that would disturb me the following day. weish plays the lead ghoul in the nightmare sequence of the track towards the end, where the music dives into a dark abyss before rising up and out of it. I wanted to create that landscape and picture through the music and layers I used. This has to be one of my favourite tracks on the entire album."

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