The struggle is real: Booking a ticket for Glastonbury 2016

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The struggle is real: Booking a ticket for Glastonbury 2016
Buro 24/7 Singapore's culture editor attempted to book a ticket to Glastonbury Festival 2016 — here's what happened

5 July, 6.29pm: I register to book a ticket for Glastonbury 2016. It's been on my bucket list since my early 20s, and now that I'm three years away from the big 3-0, it feels like a race against time to rave and repeat. To register, you submit your name, photo of yourself and address. This to prevent the touting and resale of tickets — so even if you're purchasing for friends, each person needs to be registered. 

19 September, 9.24am: I receive an email announcing the dates of the festival as well as details on when tickets will be released: 1 and 4 October. The former's for a coach and ticket package, while the latter's for general admission tickets. 

30 September, 2pm: It's my lunch break, and I read an article by The Guardian on how to get Glastonbury 2016 tickets. Noted with thanks.

1 October, 9am: The day has arrived and I tell myself I'm doing this. Never mind that nobody I asked along wanted to go with me, and that the ticket will set me back at £228 (approx. S$495), £5 (approx. S$11) for booking fees and £50 (approx. S$108) for a return coach from London. I confirm the time difference again and set an alarm for 2am later that night. 

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2 October, 1.50am: I brace myself. So do a bunch of people across the globe.

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2 October, 2.10am: Both the holding webpages on my iPad and iPhone continue to refresh. The live feed on the ticket provider's Twitter account updates that the coach packages from London have been sold out. Great. 

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2 October, 2.16am: As the webpages both continue to refresh, the Twitter feed continues to update with harsh truths — coach departures from London for both dates are sold out, until finally, all 15,000 tickets are sold out. In 16 minutes. My mouth gapes open and I can't move.

2 October, 2.20am: But with all successes and failures, my feelings and findings are to be recorded onto social media. I tweet "BUT WHY" to Glastonbury's official account. They have yet to reply. Instagram and Twitter posts from strangers thank the various Gods and deities they believe in.

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3 October, 9am: It's the morning after — there's less swing in my step and the morning commute bugs me more than usual. What are the lessons learnt here? Firstly, have at least more than two booking portals open, switch to a reliable mobile data provider, and enter the booking page at least ten minutes before. Another 120,000 tickets will be released this Sunday at 9am UK time (4pm Singapore time). May the Glasto gods be with me. 

For more information on Glastonbury Festival 2016, click here. For this year's Glastonbury playlist, click here.

Text: Adibah Isa

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