Where to go for open mic in Singapore

Where to go for open mic in Singapore

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Text: Bianca Husodo

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Want to get famous for 15 minutes, Andy Warhol style? These open mic places in Singapore let you share poetry, song and praise

1. Artistry
An art gallery and cafe hybrid nestled in a quiet corner of Kampong Glam, the space is a hub where creativity, talent, dessert and superb coffee (roasted by the good folks of Liberty Coffee) meet. 

Best for: Hosting esteemed monthly poetry slam Speakeasy — that has seen the likes of authors Deborah Emmanuel and Cyril Wong — and open mic Stagefright sessions featuring local musicians, Artistry is the go-to place for budding performers.

In the scene: Rub elbows with throngs of cafe-hoppers and creatives who are just as eager to try out Artistry's PB&J French toast and crab burger as well as the latest local talent. 

What's next: 
ConTribute Prince, a music tribute to the late musician legend. How does this work? Each participant will have a chance to perform his or her rendition of Prince's hits, as well as share their personal eulogies. Storytellers can also take note of the next Story Slam happening at the end of the month.
artistry cafe
17 Jalan Pinang. Tel: 6298 2420. For more information, click here

2. Blujaz Café
Bali Lane's longstanding tenant has always been there through our highs and lows, bringing affordable grub and jazz music together. 

Best for: If you're a natural-born jokester with the knack for stirring up hearty laughs, the monthly open mic stand-up comedy is the place for you to crack up the crowd with your punchlines.

In the scene: Jazz aficionados flock indoors for improv jam night sessions. Outside, t
ables and chairs spill onto the sidewalk and courtyard seating an eclectic mix of after work corporate types and patrons of the bohemian persuasion.

What's next:
Talk Cock Comedy is where newcomers and knee-slapping fans alike come to unwind and have a hoot. Whether you're an aspiring comedian or enjoy a good facial muscle exercise, it's sure to enlighten your coming midweek.
blu jaz cafe
11 Bali Lane. Tel: 9199 0610. For more information, click here.

3. The Music Parlour 
Equipped with a 700 square foot studio where musicians can jam to their heart's content, it also encouragers songwriters to record quality tunes. Where else would be better to test the waters but here?

Best for: Newbie singer-songwriters working on their stage presence. The intimate feel of the space gives a boost of confidence to unleash an all-out performance.

In the scene: Musicians, bands, singers and songwriters who are in search of a prime hideout to get their juices flowing.

What's next: 
All diaries are written to be read, while all songs written to be sung. The Diarist Sessions are intimate open mic platforms where songwriters gather to get their scratches heard within a trusted community.
the music parlour
3 Coleman Street #04-20, Peninsula Shopping Centre. Tel: 8511 6989. For more information, click here.

4. Hood and Bar Cafe
With a funky street art mural as the backdrop of the stage where local undiscovered gems carry out their originals, it's no surprise the cafe-bar is one of the most favoured spots for some fresh notes. And a jug of beer.

Best for: If you're an experienced singer, you're going to love the merry crowd. Give your best shot in the hopes of getting signed to a record label by the end of the night. Here's hoping.

In the scene: Music-lovers who are genuinely up for any genre.

What's next:
Saturday Original Sessions is the gig you'd want to sign up for if you're looking for maximum exposure. Expect to get encore requests from listeners who can't get enough.
blu jaz cafe
201 Victoria Street #05-07, Bugis+. Tel: 6221 8846. For more information, click

5. Aria
As the name suggests ('aria' is defined as a striking solo performance), the Mardi Gras-inspired space is where you'll witness outstanding originals. Serving up a selection of light Asian-inspired dishes, Aria preps their guests well before you seize the stage.

Best for: Ardent writers and musicians who are welcome to lash and leash out their bottled-up energy.

In the scene: It's the hotbed for burgeoning creative talents. Think: Spotify Premium members on a break from the app and looking for their next aural crush.

What's next: Fridays' Plug & Play is split into two. First, a singer-songwriter showcase that requires prior booking and after, an open mic segment that's first come, first served. If you're a writer or poet, join their monthly Featherweight writing retreat sessions.
aria friday plug and play
8 Somapah Road #01-204. Tel: 6384 0854. For more information, click

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