Push Pull Give: A social enterprise in Singapore that keeps you fit

Push Pull Give: A social enterprise in Singapore that keeps you fit

Heart to heart

Text: Adibah Isa

Image: Push Pull Give

Fitness with a heart: Push Pull Give co-founder Konrad Haedicke shares the challenges and triumphs in starting your own social enterprise

With a new fitness fad popping up every other month, how do you sieve out what's worth your time, calories and money? When we met with Push Pull Give last year for a calisthenics workout in Sentosa, they were just a few months into their social enterprise and start-up, started by Konrad Haedicke, Herzy Hosini and Razif Yusoff. Pooling their respective resources acquired from their day jobs in business development, customer service and personal training, the trio started Push Pull Give in February 2017. Their roster of classes, named 'Fitness for Good', includes yoga, pilates, HIIT, calisthenics and bodyweight, with classes often held outdoors and in boutique gyms. Beneficiaries include Muhammadiyah Welfare Home, Babes (a centre for pregnant teens), One Singapore (to make poverty history) and HSCA Dayspring.

Apart from that, they also host "Fitcations", which, as its name suggests, are fitness vacations that also benefit selected organisations overseas. This September, they're heading to Phnom Penh to support Tiny Toones, an organisation that houses marginalised youths from the streets. By the end of the year, the PushPullGive Fund will pay out scholarships to youths, enabling them to start a career in fitness in Singapore.

Konrad Haedicke from Push Pull Give

How did Push Pull Give start?
As friends, we regularly met to train together and soon discovered that we not only shared a common interest in fitness, but also in giving back to society. Through another friend, we connected to an organisation in Cambodia that supports kids and was in need of help back in 2016. This was when we decided to launch fundraising activities based on fitness for a good cause. We were able to raise a good amount of money for Tiny Toones in Cambodia. This proved to us that the idea to start a fitness social enterprise worked.

How does Push Pull Give fill the gap in Singapore's fitness industry?
Most gyms have no social component and are purely commercial. We realised that we could stand out with our social mission and bring out the extra bit of motivation to work out. After all, it feels good to know that your workout helps others.

Who are the organisations that you've worked with, and what was your very first event and tie-up with an organisation?

We had the pleasure to work with a few companies such as Fluke, Expedia and Sojern. We also were present as an exhibitor at FitnessFest, the Festival for Good and Operation BrokenWing last year.

What role can fitness play in rehabilitating lives?
A huge role! Fitness shapes your character, gives you something meaningful to do, allows you to discover your body, and helps people to be more motivated. This is what we try to achieve when we work out with the kids at our beneficiaries.

Razif Yusoff from Push Pull Give
What are the challenges you've faced so far?
The challenges are pretty much the same for every business. You need to grow it and that can be tough. We've had a bit of a struggle to market ourselves and unfortunately also realised that investors are shy if it comes to supporting a fitness social enterprise.

Coming into your second year now, what would you say were your biggest learning curves?
It is important to listen to feedback and to take this to heart. A company's product, especially a fitness company's product needs to be evaluated and developed constantly. Drop what doesn't work and offer other classes. Don't stretch out too much and focus on the things you are good at and attract customers to these classes. This has been the biggest learning experience.

What's next? What can members look forward to this year?
This year is the year of growing our membership base and bringing the business to a sustainable growth path. 

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