Oliver Osborne talks to DJ Stefano Ritteri on London's sound

Oliver Osborne talks to DJ Stefano Ritteri on London's sound

DJ to DJ

Text: Oliver Osborne

DJ and producer Oliver Osborne checks in with his mate DJ Stefano Ritteri after his set at Kilo Lounge's Halloween special

It's been a while. What have you been up to in the last three months?
I've been making a lot of music. I've taken some time off releasing to regroup and write new ideas. I built a modular synth and have been sampling a lot of old African records. Plus the usual sets around Europe, which is very important to keep the head out of the studio!

You're from Rome but base yourself in London now. If you could describe London as a sound, what would it be?
Smoking, rumbling bass. A bass line in a room full of smoke.

How does London's DJ scene differ from Rome's?
In London, there's everything. I still see places and parties I have never heard of after all these years. In Rome, the scene is very classic. They like techno, and they stay loyal to certain DJs. There are certain DJs from when I was there that are still doing their thing. But it's really techno that runs the Roman sound.

Who's an up-and-coming DJ we should be listening to right now?
Manuel Fischer. He releases music as Manuel Fischer and Manuelle Musik. He runs a label and a party crew in Zurich called Miteinander Musik, and he's also my partner in crime for Congaloid, my record label. He's an amazing musician and artist who's killing it at the moment!

Who do you look up to in this field?
I really respect Dan Snaith, also known as Caribou and Daphni. I was never a big fan of Caribou although I liked the production — but then he came out with the moniker Daphni and changed his whole sound. He then released another album under Caribou. So I like that he is really prolific and diverse.

You travel frequently in your job and perform sets the night you arrive. Do you have time to unwind at all? What's your warm-up ritual?
When I land somewhere, I try to stay out after dinner and get a feel for the city. But then I need an hour to myself at the hotel to go through my music and regroup my thoughts, listen to records and get into the mood of what I want to play. Then I'm out and ready for the show, and the after party!

What's your comfort Italian food?
Pizza. I can always have pizza anywhere in Italy.  You can buy it 24 hours!

How do you unwind when you're not DJ-ing?
I love boxing, I try to train as much as I can when I am in town, and also I play golf (badly). Of course like every nerd, I love playing video games too, so I have long PlayStation sessions with my friends.

Listen to Stefano Ritteri here.