Nightlife Impresario Bobby Luo: Visual Questionnaire #18

Nightlife Impresario Bobby Luo: Visual Questionnaire #18

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Text: Tracy Phillips

Eternal club kid and the mastermind behind several alternative club nights such as Mismatch, Yum Yum Disco Dong and Baby Boy, Bobby Luo has been using his fabulous queer eye to transform Singapore's nightlife scene since the nineties. He started out as Zouk's set designer, creating the epic event makeovers that the club was then known for. He later co-founded and became the creative director of the wildly successful, now-defunct clubbing hotspot, The Butter Factory (2006 2015). Today, he co-owns the maximalist fashion store Superspace at orchardgateway, which will be rebranded to Super Freak in the coming months. What has prevailed through the years is Luo's brand of spectacle, which reveals a reverence for pop-culture and devotion to all things unconventional, camp and over-the-top.

While DJ, party organiser, set designer and buyer all sit comfortably in Luo's repertoire, it's his utilisation of dressing as artform that's truly unparalleled. This is the basis of his latest creative endeavour, his first ever art book entitled 'Freakdom', which began as a year-long daily art project on Instagram in 2017. Inspired by drag performer, Phi Phi O'Hara's 365 Days Of Drag, Luo took on the 365-day challenge of his own, to experiment and bring to life the many characters in his head.

A commentary and celebration of self-expression, fashion, art and socio-cultural phenomena, Freakdom launched at Dover Street Market Singapore and is available for sale in June at Super Freak. Until you catch him at one of his next parties or get your hands on your own copy of Freakdom, see more of Bobby Luo's visual stimuli here in his visual questionnaire.

An Instagram account you're obsessed with: @fashion_for_bank_robbers/

Last Youtube video that made you laugh: The Iron Throb (with Celeste Barber & The Fab Five)  A Gay of Thrones S8 E6 Recap

Cover of the book that you would rescue in a fire: Night Flowers: From Avant-Drag to Extreme Haute-Couture by Damien FrostNight Flowers: From Avant-Drag to Extreme Haute-Couture

Your guilty pleasure TV show: Amazing Interiorsamazing interiors

A artist/designer who inspires you: Michael GumpMichael Gump

Your style icon: Russian artist Andrey Bartenev

Someone who makes you smile: Ritz Lim, of course.Bobby Luo and Ritz Lim

The most memorable exhibition that you've seen: 'The Night Fever: New York Disco 1977-1979, The Bill Bernstein Photographs' exhibition at the Museum of Sex in New York
museum of sex

One artist/performer/designer you would love to collaborate with: David Henry Nobody Jr

An event you're dying to attend: Life Ball in Viennalife ball vienna

Your proudest achievement in your career so far: I just released a book that took two years to make and Rei Kawakubo-san requested a signed copy from me today! I'm still processing!

freakdom book by bobby luo

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