MightyJaxx founder Jackson Aw: Visual Questionnaire #3

MightyJaxx founder Jackson Aw: Visual Questionnaire #3

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Editor: Aravin Sandran

Have you seen a giant fire-engine red balloon dog à la artist Jeff Koons's Balloon Dog casually shitting at the entrance of The Cathay recently? Standing at about four metres in height, the sculpture is a collaboration between local designer toy studio MightyJaxx and London-based artist Whatshisname. They had previously worked together to create a best-selling line of balloon dog toys called POPIKI, which features the dog in other amusing poses including lifting its leg to pee a puddle and indulging in a doggy-style mating ritual.


The man behind the homegrown design studio is Jackson Aw who started the business in his late twenties in 2012. The studio has since gone on to produce over 200 designs and deliver thousands of products to collectors in over 50 countries to propel revenues to million-dollar figures this year. Here, he tackles Buro's Visual Questionnaire and breaks down his cultural obsessions.

An artist/designer who inspires you
Artist Keith Haring

An Instagram account you’re obsessed with


The song on repeat on your Spotify right now

A film that makes you cry

Cover of the book that you would rescue in a fire

MightyJaxx founder Jackson Aw: Visual Questionnaire #3 (фото 1)

Last meal you would have

MightyJaxx founder Jackson Aw: Visual Questionnaire #3 (фото 2)

Most memorable city you visited

Hokkaido, Japan

Your style icon

Mark Hoppus of pop-punk band Blink-182

Somewhere you wish you could perform/exhibit/sell your craft

Disneyland, Shanghai

Your proudest achievement in your career so far

In celebration of Playboy's 60th Birthday, MightyJaxx collaborated with local artist Clogtwo to create a figurine that embodies the current image of the iconic Playboy bunny.

MightyJaxx drops new releases of limited-edition designer toys every Saturday.