May Leong from Hyphen shares her favourite things

May Leong from Hyphen shares her favourite things

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Text: Adibah Isa

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Neon Lights Festival

May Leong, co-founder of Hyphen, the people behind the ‘PPC: A Public Living Room' exhibition at People’s Park Complex shares who thrills the arts scene in Singapore

Favourite local musician:

"With such a diverse group of talented musicians it's hard to have a favourite. The two groups that I feel always give me a completely immersive and slightly other surreal experience are definitely The Pinholes and NADA. I came across The Pinholes music about four years ago, but heard them live at the 50 Years of Singapore ​Rock at The Substation. With NADA, I first saw them live at Neon Lights Festival. I think audiences will really enjoy the vibes and groove that The Pinholes bring, and lose themselves a little with NADA."

The Pinholes

Favourite performance artist:

"This is a tough one, as some of my favourite performance artists practicing in Singapore bring different sensibilities and approach performance in different ways. The ones who have resonated with me are Jason Lim, Lynn Lu, Andree Weschler, Ezzam Rahman and Daniela Beltrani."

Daniela Beltrani, Kala (Time) 2015

Favourite local neighbourhood:

"Kampong Glam. Not quite sure if it's still a secret, but there's an alleyway pub/restaurant on Kandahar Street that serves up yummy assam prawns, and occasionally allows you to da pao (doggy bag) from the nasi padang restaurant next door."

Kampong Glam

Favourite art and music event of 2015:

"Neon Lights Festival. I guess I'm pretty biased as I was also involved in the Festival,  but I really enjoyed the great mix of arts and eclectic music acts."

Neon Lights 

Favourite building with potential as an art space:

"Tanjong Pagar railway station.  The architecture, heritage, location and historical significance allow for many potential stories and works to unfold across multiple disciplines. Unfortunately, there are very strict regulations and prohibitive costs involved in the utilisation of the building and space around it."  

Tanjong Pagar Railway Station 

'PPC: A Public Living Room' is held from now till 29 January from 7pm till late at the sixth floor carpark space of the People's Park Complex. For more information, click here.