Who inspires Lost Frequencies?

Who inspires Lost Frequencies?

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Text: Adibah Isa

ZoukOut's indie dance favourite, 23-year-old Belgian DJ Lost Frequencies (a.k.a. Felix De Laet) talks inspirations, aspirations and everything in between

You've described your music as indie dance. Who are some indie dance artists you admire?
I enjoy Flume's music, he does everything himself in the studio, very DIY. I also admire Galantis, they are a big-room duo and Christian in the group is a member of the band Miike Snow. I think it's great how he has this other personality that can come through with his music, one indie and one dance.

What sort of music did you set out to create back when you were tinkering around YouTube, and how would you say that vision has changed now, with the release of your debut album?
I started making music as an experiment after my father gave me an old computer with Garage Band on it. I wanted to give unknown and forgotten songs a new audience like Are You With Me, that is why I also called myself Lost Frequencies. I have still done this with tracks like What Is Love 2016 on my debut album but my vision is to continue working on original and new tracks.

Apart from Are You With Me, what's your favourite song to play live and why?
Out of my own songs I would choose What Is Love 2016 because it is a new edit of the track but people all around the world know the words from the Haddaway original.

When did you first realise that Are You With Me was something special, and that people would pay attention to?
I think when it started getting airplay across Europe on the radio stations, it felt crazy! Are You With Me grew to be bigger than that and started going up the charts in places that were so far from home for me. I never expected it to be as big as it was.

What do you think the direction of EDM will go in 2017, and how do you wish to steer it?
"EDM" can mean a lot of things. I'm glad to have been a noticeable part of electronic music this past year, and that I finally released my debut album on a label as respected as Sony/ Armada. I would like to steer it to show producers starting out that they can experiment and try to find their style, without trying to match what is already out there and successful.

Biggest lesson you learned from your debut Coachella showing this year?
How to keep my nerves under control, haha!

What's your wishlist of festivals to play right now?
I've played festivals like Coachella, Lollapalooza and Tomorrowland that I'll never forget but I would like to play at the Electric Daisy Carnivals and Creamfields.

Name three people you wish to collaborate with in 2017 and why.
Flume: He's one of my favourite artists and works with brilliant collaborators. I like that he is also pop, not just dance music.
Martin Garrix: A big star that is still young and early in his career. I toured with him in India recently and had a lot of fun!
Watermat: His track Fade has been on my playlists a lot recently.

Lost Frequencies performed at ZoukOut 2016 on 9 December.