Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un summit: 10 completely unnecessary gimmicks we don't need


Text: Adibah Isa

Just like Miss Universe, we're all for world peace. But these commemorative Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un summit items (and one person) are just pushing it

We know what we're doing on 12 June. Staying the hell away from Capella Hotel in Sentosa, cosying up in our room and binge-eating all our guilty pleasures in case hell breaks loose. We'll also be refreshing our social media pages every other hour to catch up on updates brought to us by the meme Gods and some 3,000 journalists who actually take their job seriously. 

What we won't be doing: Indulging in a Trump-Kim burger or chugging a Bromance drink. Just when you thought a Nasi Lemak crepe or burger was bad, there's now a Trump-Kim summit version, complete with a simplified representation of what makes up American and Korean cuisine: Dry-aged beef and kimchi. Don't get us wrong — we have a pretty good sense of humour, we swear. But come on, some things are just pushing it. Perhaps those who've succumbed to marketing gimmicks need a reminder that nothing looks or tastes as good as world peace feels. 

Check out the barbers we'd recommend to Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un.


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