'Just A Breath Away': Olga Kurylenko discusses the omnipresence of natural disasters and bearing witness to the on-screen destruction of Paris

Under siege

Text: Tracy Phillips

Olga Kurylenko cuts a fine figure. Still looking every bit the Bond girl, it's hard to believe her breakout Hollywood role as Camille Montes, a revenge-seeking daughter in Quantum of Solace was more than a decade ago. The Ukranian-born, French national now calls London home to better divide her time between the film and TV industries across Europe and Hollywood, where she is starring in three films this year alone.

Her thriving film career is impressive, considering that Kurylenko moved to Paris in her teens and enjoyed a highly successful modelling career before transitioning to being an actress only in her mid-twenties. It's her recent film, the Paris-set catastrophe thriller, Just A Breath Away (Dans la Brume), the opening film of the French Film Festival, which brings her back to Singapore. Directed by Daniel Roby, Kurlyenko plays Anna, a mother racing against time to save her daughter after a natural disaster causes a deadly mist to envelop Paris.

One might expect Kurylenko to be living the star-studded life of a sort-after international actress but when asked what was the most surprising thing about her, she shared it's the fact that she leads a very normal life, albeit a busy one. We sat down with her at Fullerton Hotel's Post Bar to get her thoughts on the escalating risk of natural disasters around the world and bearing witness to the on-screen destruction of the most beautiful city in the world.

Get your tickets to Just A Breath Away's last screening at 7pm on 17 November at Shaw Theatres Lido. Held from 8 to 18 November 2018, the French Film Festival presents a selection of close to 30 movies.

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