Interview with CHVRCHES: Three Scottish artists we love

Interview with CHVRCHES: Three Scottish artists we love

Second time coming

Text: Varsha Sivaram

Image: Danny Clinch

Before their set at Laneway Festival in Singapore, we suss out what's on the playlist of Scottish trio CHVRCHES

It's pretty hard to conduct an interview with one of your favourite bands when another act is rocking a nearby stage. With the speakers blasting out The 1975's pop rock prowess at Laneway Festival, my voice recorder and I painstakingly attempted to capture what was said in our private interview with CHVRCHES in their dressing room. With each response laced with the trio's thick Scottish drawl, we were hanging on to their every word. 

Lauren Mayberry, Iain Cook and Martin Doherty return to Singapore after a show in 2014, making this their third performance here in three years. After releasing their debut album The Bones Of What You Believe in September 2013, the electro pop act went on to self-produce a second album, Every Open Eye. Released in September last year, their first single, Leave a Trace, was a teaser of even greater synths to come. Since then, they've released four music videos and have since embarked on a massive tour that will see them performing at major festivals such as Laneway, Coachella and Bonnaroo.

Scotland's been known to produce some of indie's best: Frightened Rabbit, Mogwai and Belle and Sebastian are just some of the artists which have peaked in recent years. With CHVRCHES leading the pack of Scots, we suss out who else are likely to be the next best thing: 

Lauren Mayberry: "I really like a band called Honeyblood. I think they're making their second album — they did their first album with FatCat Records and it's a two-piece kind of grungy garage band."

Iain Cook: "Hudson Mohawke, they're great. Amazing talent."

Martin Doherty: "It's an interesting time for bands in Scotland. There's a lot of electronic acts coming out that sound like CHVRCHES, which is a little weird. Some of them have really good stuff as well. Model Aeroplanes from Dundee are a bunch of young kids in a guitar rock band — they'll probably do really well. They're really good writers, and really young as well."

CHVRCHES performs at Laneway Festival on 30 January, 10pm. For more festival coverage, click here.