Exclusive: Interview with BIMBA Y LOLA'S photographer, Fanny Latour

Exclusive: Interview with BIMBA Y LOLA'S photographer, Fanny Latour

French flair

Text: Adibah Isa

Image: Fanny Latour

The woman behind the lens of BIMBA Y LOLA's Autumn/Winter 2015-2016 accessories catalogue is driven by colour

There's something very playful about Fanny Latour's images. Sure, at 21, the Parisian has youth on her side — but what makes her images utterly compelling is the way she's chosen to attack her subject: With a cinematic vision, filtered through hazy-hued lenses.

At least, that's what her portfolio has encompassed of. She's shot musicians the likes of Sky Ferreira, Anna Calvi and Stacy Martin, and her work has been featured in esteemed publications including GQ, i-D online and Le Monde. The latest fashion brand to tap into her aesthetic are Spaniards BIMBA Y LOLA, giving their Autumn/Winter 2015-2016 the Latour touch.

With a '70s American vintage theme in mind, the photographer hunted down a house located outside of Paris as the setting. A storyboard of 15 images was produced for the catalogue, each still evoking the brand's quirky endeavours. If Wes Anderson had a young protégé, Latour's it — her colour palette brings to mind the mustards and reds from The Royal Tenenbaums, bringing a smile to any movie buff. Our current mood: Nostalgic — and BIMBA Y LOLA's stylishly responsible for it.

When did you feel the calling to be a photographer?
When I was 14 years old, I got to try a professional camera for the first time.

Who's your role model in photography?
Cristina Garcia Rodero. Yes, a Spanish one!

Did you know BIMBA Y LOLA before working with them?
Yes, it's actually a brand I really like [laughs]. I discovered the brand through a friend of mine who's a fashion addict.

What piece of the collection has been useful for you as a source of inspiration in putting the pieces together?
I think the red-orange colour palette of several pieces of the collection was the most interesting issue to play with.

What other elements inspired you?
The theme of the collection. I love the American '70s vintage vibe.

Why did you choose this location to shoot the catalogue?
The place was '70s all the way and very interesting. I felt the colours of the house would look very good with the palette present in the collection.

What's your favourite colour?

Do you dress according to trends?
I am well aware of trends because of my job but I don't necessarily follow them. I mostly own vintage pieces that sometimes happen to be trendy again, sometimes not. I mostly buy things because I am amazed by the colour, fabric, cut or details of the pieces. I also buy unwearable things like vintage overalls with prints that would give you a seizure...and I actually wear them!

In your opinion, what's a fashion accessory that defines a woman?

How about a fashion accessory a woman shouldn't leave home without?
Shoes! I think it's quite impractical to walk around the city with bare feet, isn't it? 

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