Interview with Wayne Sermon of Imagine Dragons: \"We're the maker of our own dreams\"

Interview with Wayne Sermon of Imagine Dragons: "We're the maker of our own dreams"


Text: Adibah Isa

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Imagine Dragons

Ahead of their performance at the 2016 Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix, Imagine Dragons guitarist Wayne Sermon is put to the test of song lyrics

It took a while to reach Wayne Sermon of Imagine Dragons on the phone, but once I locked him in, the 32-year-old guitarist and I launched into a conversation about having too much mayonnaise (a prank from fellow bandmate Dan Reynolds) and his previous life as a forklift operator (a temporary three-month stint where he learned to recognise strengths and weaknesses). All within context of the band's return to Singapore, of course. The foursome were last in town in August 2015 where they performed at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. Incidentally, Singapore was also where Sermon had "the best crab I've ever had in my entire life".

Speaking to me from Huntington Beach where he lives, Sermon shares that Imagine Dragons is currently on a break from touring. Although they've said no to other shows, they're not giving Singapore a break this Formula 1 season. They're also not giving a break to writing, although Sermon kept mum about an expected release date for the third album. "We are writing, the wheels are turning and we're figuring it out," he confides. "But we don't want to say the time yet."

Wayne Sermon and Dan Reynolds of Imagine Dragons
Tell us more about Sucker For Pain in the Suicide Squad soundtrack. Is there anyone in this world you'd want to chain up and tie down?
Wow, well luckily I don't have to answer that because Dan wrote the lyrics to that. So I don't know if there's anyone he wants to chain up. Actually, probably Dan. I would like to chain him up and tie him down. It would be a good revenge.

In Demons, the demons live in the eyes. What do people see when they look into your eyes?
When people look into my eyes, they see the most beautiful pale blue colour they've ever seen in their entire life and they fall madly in love instantly. It's just my curse.

From Radioactive, what do you think the new age of music will sound like?
For the last five to 10 years, people don't care as much about genres anymore. It's about blending the genres together and making new sounds. So I think the future of music is going to be a lot more innovative, and people won't care as long as it's something they like.

Another movie soundtrack, Not Today from Me Before You tells us that it's "gotta get easier somehow". Does it ever get easier in relationships and love? What advice would you give to a fan of yours who's facing relationship problems?
I would say if you're with the right person, it'll get easier. And if it's not getting easier, I would probably take another look at the relationship and question whether it's right for you or not. It might be, but I'm not saying to break up. But I'm saying, if it keeps getting harder and harder to stay in a relationship, that's a pretty good sign to run for the hills.

From Shots, what are you most sorry for at this moment in your life?
Ooh, it's a serious one. I am sorry for being on the road as much as I've been for the past four or five years. Losing touch with a lot of people in my life, especially close friends I used to have that I'm not close to anymore. That's probably what I'm sorry for.

Finally, from Smoke and Mirrors, who's the dream maker, life maker, heartbreaker and gate keeper of your life?
I think we are. When Dan wrote those lyrics, it was really introspective for him. I think the whole album is pretty much like a journal for him. We're the maker of our own dreams, we're responsible ultimately for anything in our lives, whether it's heartbreak or anything else. Ultimately, we're the captains of our own ship.

Imagine Dragons will perform on 18 September, 10.30pm at Zone 4 Padang Stage. For more information on the 2016 Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix click here.