Hotel Vagabond's founder Satinder Garcha shares his favourite things

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Hotel Vagabond's founder Satinder Garcha shares his favourite things
Designed by Jacques Garcia, Hotel Vagabond is Singapore's answer to the Chelsea Hotel in New York City, bringing together artists in literature, entertainment and art. Meet Indian entrepreneur Satinder Garcha, the man behind its genesis

Favourite design element in India:

"Its best kept secret is in the ancient artisanal techniques that are fast disappearing all over the world. Techniques involving stonework, metal work, mirror work and hand-knotted carpets on massive looms. A lot of people are jumping onto the ultra-modern bandwagon in India, and they're not creating beautiful buildings both inside and outside using the above techniques."

Indian stone

Favourite piece of artwork from Hotel Vagabond:

"The Marco Brambilla piece in the elevator, titled 'Evolution'."


Favourite art capital in the world:

"It's a tough one. I like New York City and The Metropolitan Museum of Art — the scale and diversity of everything that they exhibit."

The Met

Favourite music album:

"Bob Marley's Legend. I spent my formative years listening to it. There's something in it that is quite captivating. I obviously like reggae and island music."

Bob marley

Favourite building in Singapore:

"The National Gallery. I like the way they've integrated the modern into the heritage."

National Gallery

For more information on Hotel Vagabond, click here. To listen to the playlist prepared by their previous artist-in-residence, Captain Planet, click here.

Text: Adibah Isa

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