Gracinha Viterbo's Angola design diary

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Gracinha Viterbo's Angola design diary
Ever wanted to know what’s on the itinerary of an interior designer’s work trip? Gracinha Viterbo shares a visual diary of her time in Angola

Day 1: Arrival into Luanda

I arrived into Luanda, Angola in the late morning after two plane rides on a 23-hour journey. It's the first day of summer here. Luanda has a golden light; you feel the rhythm of the music in the streets. I've been visiting the capital for the last 10 years and have seen it change, gain life and confidence in terms of culture, architecture and design. I love the people, sounds, rhythyms and urban ways of the city.

Angola's still a country with very big social and economic contrasts, but art and creativity have been prevailing. In fact, Luanda won the best art pavilion at the Venice Biennale two years ago. Here's one of my favourite shots by my childhood friend @arturcarvalho, showing that style is everywhere in the capital:


Day 2: Market-hopping and client visit

I woke up early and met my senior architect and office manager Joana. She knows what I like and had prepared a marathon of markets to visit in Luanda. One of them was the Benfica Market, a great place for woven baskets and masks.


Gracinha Viterbo Angola

Gracinha Viterbo Angola

The vibe I experienced in the markets was further proof that Luanda has an amazing energy. The more I go, the more I feel as though I'm contributing to a city that's evolving into a kind of cosmopolitan Miami of Africa. We then scouted for fabrics with an African edge for Gracinha Viterbo Head Couture. Along the way, we also scouted for interesting objects for my interior design projects

Gracinha Viterbo

GV Singapore

Working till the evening, I went to one of my projects to finalise some details for it to be delivered that day. It's a beautiful residential project I've been working on for the last year and a half. I designed the space from its architecture to interiors.

GV Angola


The client's a Brazilian and Japanese globetrotting couple who trusted me 100% to balance her glamour and his quiet wisdom. 



These stairs started out with this small scale model. The owners wanted a spectacular staircase that would give movement to a rather more geometric first floor. 



Gracinha Viterbo staircase

Day 3: Showroom visits, catching up with colleagues and styling in the office

Another day at the office and showroom. Viterbo Interior Design has been in Angola for 10 years, and this office and showroom has been around for seven years. My biggest lesson having worked in Africa — notably Angola — is that the perception of colour varies from continent to continent, so I started mixing colours and patterns which I had never done before.

GV office


We started with team training and style talks. I also reviewed displays and followed up with my country office manager Joana. 



My biggest reward in contributing to the countries I work at is the change of cultures, frame of minds, crafts and inspirations. I like to pass on the wisdom and expertise of my globetrotting mind, but I'm also a sponge — absorbing new inspirations from local young artists and designers. 

Gracinha Viterbo colleagues


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    Instagram | @arturcarvalho
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