Friends of Buro: SG50 interview with Yvette King

Friends of Buro: SG50 interview with Yvette King

Birthday special

Text: Dora Aljoofri-Shrestha

Photo: Vanessa Caitlin

What does Yvette King really think of durians?

You know you've met a Singaporean when... they say "lah" at the end of every sentence.

My fondest memory from the last five decades is... hanging out with David Beckham at Marina Bay Sands.

I wish Singapore would bring back... David Beckham.

I'm not a Singaporean, but I really love to complain about... my frizzy hair.

Singaporeans should stop complaining about... the weather. It's summer here everyday, despite the frizzy hair.

The most underrated thing about Singapore is... the way gardens and flowers are manicured around the city. The greenery takes the edge off the metropolis — it's literally a concrete jungle!

Every time I return back to our island, I appreciate... Changi Airport. From when the plane hits the tarmac, I'm sitting on my couch in 30 minutes. That's what you call efficient!

The cost of our country's progress is... sometimes not taking the time to smell the roses when you're moving and advancing so quickly.

The one local dish I would pay any amount for is... Yong Tau Foo.

In 10 years time, I would like to see Singapore... more recognised on a global scale for the achievements it has made in a mere 60 years. 

Singapore is uniquely... a little paradise — an oasis in the hustle, bustle and grittiness of the rest of South East Asia.

Durian: Bitter or sweet? Neither — can't get past the 'gym socks' smell.

Yvette King

Favourite Singaporean past time: Using a tissue packet to reserve a seat. 

Favourite local TV show: The Noose 

Favourite local brand: Collate The Label

Favourite Singlish word: Can!

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