Friends of Buro: SG50 interview with Oon Shu An

Friends of Buro: SG50 interview with Oon Shu An

Birthday special

Text: Dora Aljoofri-Shrestha

Photo: Vanessa Caitlin

Actress Oon Shu An thinks we should stop complaining about other people complaining

You know you've met a Singaporean when... they use three languages in one sentence without battling an eyelid.

I wish Singapore would bring back... more open fields that serve absolutely no commercial purpose.

As a Singaporean, I really love to complain about... the weather. Seriously, all my life here and I still haven't gotten used to it!

Singaporeans should stop complaining about... other people complaining. Keep complaining. Where is the fun otherwise?

The most underrated thing about Singapore is... the people. I think we give each other a hard time. I think deep down inside we know we are awesome!

Every time I return back to our island, I appreciate... our freaking efficiency. There's something to go to 24 hours a day. There are taxis anytime except for when it rains. The food. The people. Our idiosyncracies.

The cost of our country's progress is... the fear that we will stop progressing. Sometimes, its not such a bad thing to just chill for a little while.

The one local dish I would pay any amount for is... salted egg yolk prawns.

In 10 years time, I would like to see Singapore... whatever you become, I will still love you [laughs].

Durian: Bitter or sweet... Bittersweet and most importantly, creamy. Mmmmm.

Oon Shu An
Favourite local TV show: Under One Roof

Favourite singlish word: Basket

Favourite childhood game: Five stones

Favourite childhood snack: Super Rings! No... Paddle Pop!  No... Choki Choki!

Favourite hawker centre: Old Airport Road

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