MYRNE's guide to Singapore

MYRNE's guide to Singapore

Formula 1 special

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An insider guide to Singapore: DJ MYRNE recommends Singapore's faux sleaze centrals, a neighbourhood market and a place to get away from it all

Performing at the 2018 Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix, MYRNE (real name: Manfred Lim) is a Singaporean electronic DJ whose live shows blend R&B, future pop and mainstage energy. After making headlines for signing to Diplo's Mad Decent record label back in 2015, the self-taught DJ and producer went on to debut his EP, Softsins, which introduced the world to his take on Jersey club, future bass, trap and alt-R&B. This year saw the Singapore Management University student achieving incredible milestones: He released B4NGER PROJECT, a collaboration album with local singer-songwriter Gentle Bones and performed at the epic Ultra Music Festival in Miami. Tomorrowland's next. A recent release saw him collaborating with future bass and EDM producer Grant for 'Fault', featuring vocals from up and coming singer McCall. 

"I'm a fan of the entire stretch of Little India to around where Parklane Shopping Mall is. I'm a night owl and there are a bunch of wholesome attractions and late-night food spots to keep me busy. Potong Pasir was where I spent my last two years of Junior College. I was in love with the sloped roofs and appreciated the fact that the urban planning was wholly different from other sterile, pre-printed city plans. I'm not too sure about the state of it now."

Little India
Food and drink:
"I'm fortunate to live around the Balestier area, where the peppery bak kut teh (pork rib soup) is best. It's always two servings of rice with large pork rib soup for me. Balestier Market is 24/7 and I just head there to get my fix of plastic-bagged coffee."

"Blu Jaz is a classic and SMOO Bar was great while it lasted (RIP). Kilo Lounge and Headquarters by The Council are my current house and techno favourites, while Tuff Club has proven its ground if you're looking for something groovier."

Headquarters by The Council
Anything alternative:
"I think any place that gives the world an 'alternative perception' of Singapore would already have been banned by now! I adore the faux sleaziness and old grit of Peace Centre, Parklane, Orchard Towers, and the even-numbered lorongs in Geylang."

A place to get away from it all:
"Changi Airport (laughs). I find I have to do that sometimes."

MYRNE will perform at the 2018 Formula 1 Singapore Airlines Singapore Grand Prix, taking place from 14 to 16 September. 
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