A quickie with Dillon Francis

A quickie with Dillon Francis

Not an Internet celebrity

Text: Adibah Isa

Image: ZoukOut,
Twitter | @dillonfrancis

The irreverent DJ and producer tells us what exactly he gives a f*ck about

Spend US$50 and Dillon Francis might just tweet your best friend a personal message. Yes, it's not beneath him, nor is assembling Ikea furniture, handcuffing himself to another musician or singing a cover of Katy Perry's Firework dressed as a pirate. The aforementioned are just some of the many services up for grabs on the DJ's website, which also retails his apparel with "IDGAFOS" emblazoned across the line. Like the Sacha Baron Cohen of dance music, Francis has alter-egos such as Emo Preston, who "loves both crying and My Chemical Romance" as well as DJ Hanzel, a caricature of a jaded house and techno German DJ who'll be headlining his first show in Los Angeles.

On top of that, Dillon is also currently working on his sixth album, which will bear Spanglish influences. Returning to Singapore for ZoukOut 2016 Day 1, we caught up with him in a quick email interview.

How much of DJ Hanzel is in Dillon Francis?
NONE I HATE DJ HANZEL....but love him too.

At the moment, what do you give a f*ck or shit about?
Working on tons of new music and comedy stuff!

Wikipedia calls you an "internet celebrity". What's that about?
Check again it doesn't!

You sell some hilarious services on your website, like assembling Ikea furniture, tweeting strangers and re-making trailers. Do people ever buy them?
Yes! On my YouTube there's a video of me putting together my Ikea furniture and I've tweeted tons of strangers from it.... also re-did the Ghost scene with 12th planet which used to be on there too.

What are you going to sell next?
[I'm] waiting for people to buy more so we can add more.

You mentioned you're working on a Spanglish-led LP at the moment. Why did you decide to go for this direction?
A more Latin vibe-themed LP seems fun and out of the box — a great new adventure for me.

Can you name anyone you're collaborating with at the moment?
El Guincho, De La Ghetto, Bomba Estéreo, G-Eazy and more!

When's the album looking to be released?
I have no idea right now. [I] literally just started working on it.

Complete this sentence: My advice on surviving your first Crossfit session is....
Pace yourself and don't have a big head about how much weight you're lifting.

Dillon Francis performs at ZoukOut on 9 December at Siloso Beach. For more information, click here.