Culture Cartel: 3 international street artists on the issues they care most deeply about

Culture Cartel: 3 international street artists on the issues they care most deeply about

Purpose driven

Editor: Aravin Sandran

Dub Williams, U.S.

It would be difficult for me to use currency in my work without giving consideration to the struggles that some people have to endure to obtain enough of it to live. Value is subjective and a dollar means a lot more to someone living on the streets than it will ever mean to most of us.

San Francisco, the city I live in, has experienced a housing shortage in recent years that has led to a massive spike in homelessness. Not only are people and families living on the street at a higher risk of violence, but it makes them much more likely to fall into drug addiction, which is another crippling problem in the United States. 


I hope that the city will continue their efforts to increase access to services for homeless individuals as well as make available a lot more housing and shelters. I also wish to see the stigma surrounding homelessness lessen as more people feel inspired to volunteer or just show compassion in any way they can.

Beer Pitchaya S., Thailand

I feel that only one word is needed to make a person feel sad, angry or at ease. I want the typography that I design to send messages of positivity to my audiences. I feel like it's getting harder to cope with the pressures of modern society today. Seeing words of encouragement like "Stay Strong" emblazoned on the street makes people feel better. I hope to share good vibes with people through my murals.

For my latest project, I had an opportunity to create a mural entitled "Alone but not lonely" in Macau. There were many people who appreciated the aesthetic and came up to me to give me compliments. Some people even said they were heartbroken and asked if I created this work for the heavy-hearted as the mural made them feel validated. The impact of my artwork made me feel so happy and encourages me to create more works such as this across cities in Asia.


Rukkit, Thailand

I draw my inspiration from all kinds of animals. I find them fascinating because animals cannot speak the language they understand. In addition to that, animals have been exploited by people for all kinds of purposes. Whenever I read news of animal mistreatment, I do not feel good. I hope my street murals across the world can spread a message of love and connection between people and animals.

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