Affordable Art Fair artist Chloë Manasseh shares her favourite things

Affordable Art Fair artist Chloë Manasseh shares her favourite things

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Text: Adibah Isa

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Racy Lim,
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Chloë Manasseh’s ‘Taking a nap, feet planted, against a cool wall’ is one of the highlights among 70 galleries in the autumn edition of the Affordable Art Fair Singapore. We find out what makes her tick

Favourite Singapore names in music:
"I did my first 100 sounds project in Malaysia at a jazz club in Kuala Lumpur, No Black Tie. The owner put me in touch with Greg Lyons who made the sounds for the whole piece. I worked with Jordan Chia, a music teacher at The Winstedt School and a really talented musician. I saw how he interacted with the kids and I asked if he'd like to be involved in the project."

Favourite poet:
"Matsuo Basho. I was introduced to his work in 2012 and what I really like about him is that he uses such a reduced visual language and evokes so much. Especially within my painting works, I use a really reduced visual language too and I wanted to evoke something. His poetry really consumed everything I feel about experiencing landscape through walking and feeling."

Matsuo Basho

Favourite sounds in Singapore:
"Constant chatter. It's really energised. There are always sounds but in a great way — people engaging in each other...also the birds, they're so loud!"

'Taking a nap, feet planted, against a cool wall' at Affordable Art Fair Singapore

Favourite art space in Singapore:
"I really like NPE Art Residency and Gallery where I'm doing the exhibition. It's in a paper factory, they've taken over that space and it's cool to engage design and art together. It shows a real respect for artists as well."

'Palm Umbrellas' at NPE Art Residency and Gallery'

The Affordable Art Fair Singapore takes place from 17 to 19 November at the F1 Pit Building.
'Palm Umbrellas' by Chloë Manasseh at NPE Art Residency and Gallery is on till 29 December.

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