Capella's Creative Style Director Dora Wong: Visual Questionnaire #17

Capella's Creative Style Director Dora Wong: Visual Questionnaire #17

Textured dreams

Text: Tracy Phillips

As Capella Singapore's creative style director, Dora Wong is responsible for all aesthetic aspects of the luxury resort, from how to present the amenities in each room to what plants to pick for the hotel's F&B outlets like Bob's Bar, to creating the right environment for the history-making Trump-Kim Summit last year.

Wong's creative journey began when she worked part-time at a florist in LA while studying for her marketing and finance degree. Upon graduation, Wong decided to pivot, joining the Vidal Sassoon Academy to become a hairdresser and worked in Beverly Hills for several years before returning home to Singapore. Once home, it was back to flowers, running her own business for many years before heading up the floral team at Capella before taking up the position of style director across the board.

From flowers to hair to now developing all-encompassing sets at Capella, Wong relies on her passion for texture, a good eye and keen spatial awareness to visualise ideas before they come into fruition. Find out what else inspires her in our Visual Questionnaire.

An Instagram account you're obsessed with: @AnhCoTran, who does insane bob haircuts my all-time favourite hairstyle.



Last YouTube video that made you laugh: Ted Talks x Tim Urban: Inside the Mind of a Master Procrastinator

Most played song on Spotify right now: "Outta My Head" by Khalid (with John Mayer)

A film that makes you cry: Wonder heartbreaking and insanely inspiring, all at the same. time.
wonder film

Cover of the book that you would rescue in a fire : Brene Brown: Daring Greatly

daring greatly, brene brown

Last meal you would have: Eggs with avocado on toastavocado toast

Most memorable city you visited: London  I love the smell of rain, combined with the art and pop culture scene  everything just comes together like a unique melting

Your guilty pleasure TV show: Friends I could watch it over and over again, and not get tired of it.
friends tv show

An artist/designer who inspires you: Joan Miromiro

Your style icon: Cate Blanchette  bold, feminine, edgy wrapped into one elegant package.

cate blanchett

A hand-written note/letter you treasure: Anything from my three kids.Capella's Creative Style Director Dora Wong: Visual Questionnaire #17 (фото 1)

Something that makes you smile: A bracelet from my daughter, Elizabeth who made it for me when she was 6.Capella's Creative Style Director Dora Wong: Visual Questionnaire #17 (фото 2)

One artist/performer/designer you would love to collaborate with: Jeanne Lanvinjeanne lanvin

Somewhere you wish you could perform/exhibit/sell your craft: Used to make jewellery.  I would love revisit this, and set up a pop-up at Covent Garden.covent garden

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