Birdy talks us through her latest album, Beautiful Lies

Birdy talks us through her latest album, Beautiful Lies

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Text: Adibah Isa

Image: Warner Music Singapore

During Birdy's recent stop in Singapore, we pick out choice tracks with the British indie folk songbird and chat about why Beautiful Lies is her most hopeful album yet

1. Growing Pains

"I remember writing it and thinking, "this is so weird it's coming out of me, because it sounds so different than what I normally do". It's about my friends and I doing completely different things, a time when you finish university and go separate ways, and you will probably never see some of these people again. It's a really weird time, I think."

2. Keeping Your Head Up

"I actually had a verse and kind of pre-recorded this idea. I had it for ages and it was more of a ballad. It was sad and I didn't know what to do with that, I couldn't finish it for some reason. Then I wrote with Steve Mac and Wayne Hector and they put drums to it and I was thinking, "oh this feels very different". It feels kind of more poppy, and then suddenly the chorus became much more hopeful. I want people to know this is a bit more hopeful than things I have done before because I think I was in a much more hopeful place — and this song really sums up a lot of the album."

3. Deep End

"I feel like a lot of my songs are about five different things at once. A lot of this album is about my own experiences. It's about being in love with someone but not quite enough, and kind of knowing that."

4. Lost It All

"I think Lost It All is one of my favorites in this album. I had it for a long time — probably two years before. It's about my second album. It's about the frustration of that — because I was really young at the time and feeling I couldn't quite take control of it. I didn't know what I wanted yet, so that was really annoying at the time. Looking back on it, it's part of growing up — you have to learn things, you can't always know everything. But that song is just about me kind of feeling a bit lost."

5. Unbroken

"I actually covered Simon Aldred's song, People Help Other People. And people always suggested that I write with him, because he is really talented. As soon as I met him, we got along so well. He's such a beautiful writer. He writes these lyrics that are really dark but have a very hopeful message. And that really suited for my music."

6. Hear You Calling

"I really love playing Hear You Calling. It's fun for me. It just feels really free and it's quite uplifting as well."

7. Beautiful Lies

"It's more of a love song. It's about two people not admitting that it's not going to work out, and they carry on being together anyway. But I guess the album is about change and about lying to yourself and hoping everything would stay the same."

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