What scares Anita Kapoor?

What scares Anita Kapoor?


Text: Adibah Isa

Image: Dominic Phua/Studio Daydream

5 questions with Anita Kapoor, PrimeTime Business and Professional Women's Association's latest speaker on sisterhood and female to female aggression

Who do you think of when the phrase "fearlessly female" comes to mind?
Someone who's lived life with both tenacity and fear.

Who's a woman you admire as a leader?
I tend not to admire public figures. Everyone is human and fallible. Having said that, I've experienced strong female leadership since I was a child, and I continue to draw strength from the women who showed me how to live with hope, pain, fear, resilience and happiness, but to also understand that I can build the same for myself — in my own way.

What's the best and worst thing that can come out of female to female aggression?

Women can be bullies towards other women. A lot of it is borne from a mix of personal frustration, entitlement and insecurity. The best that can come out of it is to acknowledge it, address it and put an end to it through conversation.

Is there something that scares you, that at the same time exists as a driving force as well?
My own head. I can talk myself into and out of anything. But now I'm learning that I don't need to. Yes is yes, and no and no. And maybe it's "let me think about this, but don't tell me how to think about this" — I can do it myself.

What's a song that makes you fearless?
'May I Have This Dance' by Francis and the Lights.

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