'You Vs. Wild': Netflix launches its first interactive series with survival expert Bear Grylls

'You Vs. Wild': Netflix launches its first interactive series with survival expert Bear Grylls

Dead or alive

Text: Aravin Sandran

In December last year, Netflix broke the Internet with Bandersnatch, a special stand-alone interactive episode of its hit sci-fi series Black Mirror ahead of its season five release, where viewers could determine the narrative of the episode by shaping the choices of its main characters. It led to some hilarious memes when audiences became flabbergasted by its endless permutations that kept ending in a repetitive cycle of gruesome death.

Following the mind-blowing success of that interactive pilot episode, Netflix is taking it one giant step further with You Vs. Wild, an interactive survival series starring and following British adventurer Bear Grylls. The former military man made his mark on television with his long-running shows Man Vs. Wild and Running with Bear Grylls on Discovery Channel, which saw appearances by celebrity guests as diverse as Zac Efron (shirtless!) and then President of the United States Barrack Obama taking a bite of some raw salmon that had been chewed on by a bear. 

Similar to his previous explorations, Grylls will be negotiating treacherous terrains and extreme weather conditions in remote locations around the world. There's a catch, though. Viewers will be able to decide his fate by selecting multiple choices within the episode that will direct his course. While there might be some precarious and tricky choices to make (walk or crawl over thin ice), it is unlikely there'll be any grisly stomach-churning scenes like in Bandersnatch though; the show is expected to be family-friendly. Upcoming missions include a search and rescue for an Alpine rescue dog, a plane crash in the desert and a missing doctor in the jungle.


The trailer cleverly employs a similar yes-and-no multiple-choice format and features a rather wonky Facetime with the man himself before ending with a teaser.

Netflix's You Vs. Wild premieres on 10 April 2019.