#WomanCrushWednesday: Elle Fanning

#WomanCrushWednesday: Elle Fanning

Multifaceted gem

Text: Priscilla Tan

Image: Instagram | @zoe_yoko

Growing into her own, Elle Fanning has impressed with her range of emotions far beyond her 18 years. Here are quotes from Fanning about the various roles she has played

On becoming a Disney princess and her role as Aurora in Maleficent:
"She was my favorite because I felt like I looked like her the most — the blond hair and the pink dress, and she's the tallest princess. So that worked out really well," Fanning jokes in an interview about achieving her childhood dreams.

On acting in a coming of age story such as Ginger & Rosa:
"All the different emotions that Ginger gets to go through, I was excited to get to portray all those different ones. I thought it would be fun. Also, after I met Sally (Fanning's co-star), that just made everything completely perfect," says Fanning in an interview about what drew her to the role she played.

On her portrayal of a transgender teen in About Ray:
"I never thought about saying no, but I was so afraid to touch it. What if I don't do it right? I know transgender kids — I am honored to help tell their story," the starlet says, opening up about her fear in bringing across her character Ray.

On starring in a horror film like The Neon Demon:
"But with horror, like in Disney movies, I always liked the villain. There are elements of horror, it can be anything, it's what scares you. I like that feeling. I love roller coasters, that feeling — that's fear, that adrenaline rush. I love it!" shares Fanning in an interview with The Playlist about working with horror.

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