What goes into the staging of Wicked the Musical?

What goes into the staging of Wicked the Musical?

The numbers game

Text: Adibah Isa

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Wicked by numbers: Find out how many pairs of shoes, kilograms of dry ice and types of sequins are needed to produce Wicked the Musical, now in Singapore

minute is the time spent on stage by Elphaba's mother Melena, yet her costume costs thousands of dollars to make.

hours (and then some) is the minimum time it takes to put on the animal masks on the actors.

Jacqueline Hughes as Elphaba

weeks is the time taken to put together Elphaba's wicked witch skirt — there are four used in the show.

billion US dollars is the amount Wicked has grossed in global ticket sales since its start 15 years ago.

languages can be understood for those who enjoy Wicked — it's been translated from English to Japanese, German, Dutch, Spanish, Korean and Portuguese.

Glinda and Elphaba discover Oz 

kilometres of cable are needed to automate the scenery (which weighs just under 80 tonnes) used on stage. 

years is the duration Wicked has been running at the West End. It remains one of the three Broadway originals (the others are The Lion King and Chicago) that have been successful crossovers which ran for this long.

countries have seen Wicked. Apart from the U.S. and the U.K., the musical has been performed in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Japan, Germany, Ireland, Mexico, New Zealand, The Netherlands, Singapore, South Korea and The Philippines.


different types of sequins are used on Glinda's bubble dress. 

kilograms of dry ice are used in every performance.

pairs of shoes are used in Wicked

Wicked the Musical

Wicked The Musical is running till 20 November at Grand Theatre, MasterCard Theatres at Marina Bay Sands. Book tickets on Sistic. Read our review here.