5 things you probably didn’t know about Wes Bentley

5 things you probably didn’t know about Wes Bentley


Text: Megan Koh


You know him from American Beauty, Interstellar and American Horror Story. Now, Wes Bentley takes Mission: Impossible – Fallout next

1. He studied at The Juilliard School
Wes Bentley started acting in high school and often received top honours in drama club competitions. The 39-year-old American actor even formed his own improv comedy troupe with his friends when he was younger to expand on his passion. Bentley was later accepted into the acclaimed Juilliard School's drama programme and left after a year to take acting jobs in Hollywood.

2. Fame found him too early
Bentley was propelled to success after his role in Oscar-winning American Beauty (1999). Expectations grew but he was only 21-years-old when stardom found him. He eventually took drugs to escape the pressure and the nine-year heroin addiction led to a downward spiral and ended his first marriage. The documentary My Big Break (2009) captures the early life of Bentley, his experience with fame, drugs and eventual recovery.

3. He once attended a 'Cowboy Camp' to prepare for a role
Bentley starred in Yellowstone (2018), an eight-episode drama akin to the cowboy version of Billions (2017). The show was filmed in Utah and Montana and Bentley had to spend four days in the Utah wilderness in a 'Cowboy Camp' to help him get into character. Those four days alongside cowboys and without connection taught him a great deal including skills like roping and collecting firewood.

4. American Horror Story gave him nightmares
Bentley appeared in the popular horror television series, American Horror Story from 2014 to 2016 and confessed that he had nightmares because of the show. "I got the first three (scripts), and I read them at night, which was a terrible idea. I think I was alone, too. I was having some bad dreams for sure," said Bentley in an interview.

5. His eyebrows make him look like the bad guy
Bentley acted in the Disney film, Pete's Dragon in 2016 and had trouble convincing everyone that he could he could play "a nice Disney dad" because of his looks. "There are things about me like the eyebrows that give me the appearance of being a bad guy. People would ask, "What are you angry about?" I'm not. I'm thinking about cotton candy and lollipops," said Bentley in an interview.

Mission: Impossible - Fallout is showing in Singapore theatres now.
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