#ThrowbackThursday: Television characters you can transform into

#ThrowbackThursday: Television characters you can transform into

Your Halloween best

Text: Adibah Isa

Image: Getty Images

These Halloween specials on our favourite television shows show us how Halloween costumes are done: Cheeky not sexy, tasteful not tacky

1. Ross Gellar from Friends as Spudnik

Oh, Ross. The token geek of the group, he just had to show up as Spudnik — part potato, part Russian satellite. Or, as Monica called it, "Space Doodie".

How to make: Brown is the new black with this one — for a more stylish update, try an oversized long-sleeved mustard top and stuff pillows underneath. As for the hat, stick a few chopsticks and wire into a colander and you're done.

Ross Gellar Halloween Spudnik

2. Ann Perkins from Parks and Recreation as Raggedy Ann

Rashida Jones is adorable as Ann Perkins, but even more so as a raggedy version of her character. This simple costume can even take you from day to night — all you need are a few twitches to make it work.

How to make: Braid bundles of red yarn for your hair, and trust M.A.C.'s Russian Red to draw on the nose and lips. Pile on fake lashes and bring out your inner Twiggy. You can glue red ribbon to a flirty white peasant top, as well as ribbons and lace trimmings for added flair.

Parks and Recreation Halloween

3. Ellie Bishop from NCIS as Sandy

Nobody does Sandy like Olivia Newton-John, but for a close second, Emily Wickersham nails it. If you've always been a good girl who wants to go bad, make like this iconic '70s character and do so with your smarts intact. 

How to make: Leather, leather, leather. Make your all-black ensemble work by layering a jacket over a tank, and cinching your waist with one of your mother's vintage statement belts. Bring out those early 2000s hoop earrings too.

Sandy Emily Wickersham

4. Ted Mosby from How I Met Your Mother as a ballot card

Ted's the Ross of the How I Met Your Mother foursome: Awkward, geeky, and tries way too hard - but it also makes this character equally adorable. In this memorable episode, he tries his luck at love by searching for the Slutty Pumpkin in this easy peasy ballot card costume.

How to make: Heck, this one's timely seeing as elections passed just a month ago. Print your favourite symbols on a card and hang it around your neck with some rope. This costume's also a great way to hide that post-cocktail bump.

Ted Mosby ballot card

5. Jim Halpert from The Office as Facebook

We love Jim for the half-arsed employee that he is. Michael's favourite, his less-is-more approach at work always seems to reap in rewards — like this tongue-in-cheek Facebook costume.

How to make: Seriously, all you need is a washable black marker, and a trusty makeup remover.

Jim The Office Facebook