Here's how The xx played a part in Dior Homme's new film

Here's how The xx played a part in Dior Homme's new film

Stranger In a Room

Text: Adibah Isa

Image: Dior

For Dior Homme's new film project, creative director Kriss Van Assche and photographer Willy Vanderperre rope in Jamie xx's Stranger In A Room for music cred

It's safe to say that everyone who loves Brit indie trio The xx loves them for the fact that they sound like sex. Yes, sex — the promise of it, the act of it, the aftermath of it — may not necessarily be what Romy Croft, Oliver Sim and Jamie xx are selling, but with such emotive, hypnotic sounds, you can't possibly think of anything else.

In anticipation of their follow-up to 2012's Coexist, the musicians have been keeping busy. Released last May, Jamie xx's album In Colour featured the vocals of fellow members Croft and Sim, with the earlier on Seesaw and Loud Places, while the latter took on Stranger In A Room. It's the kind of track you'd expect to simmer after a night on the town, taking a retrospective look at the morning after. Sim's velvety-smooth voice drawls over this minimalist track, a quiet seduction which recalls the likes of The xx's early favourites such as Stars.

It's this structure that Dior Homme crafts its latest film project around. A collaboration between Kris Van Assche and photographer Willy Vanderperre, the film introduces four characters who seemingly share a space — but as strangers, as the soundtrack suggests. You're first introduced to Alain-Fabien Delon — yes, of French actor Alain Delon's seed — rising from his bed, with a glimpse of Sim in the background. The musician is then seen penning some notes (edits to The xx's music sheet, perhaps?), while fellow housemates such as Danish model Victor Nylander and Belgian-Flemish fine artist Rinus Van de Velde embark on their day.

As the four men exit — dressed in Dior Homme, no less — the film leaves you with a feeling you'd equally experience after listening through to the end of a song by The xx: Spellbound. Except this time, you'll pick up style notes for summer as well.

Watch Strangers In A Room below.


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