The sexiest 'Game of Thrones' scenes from all seven seasons

The sexiest 'Game of Thrones' scenes from all seven seasons

Turn up the heat

Text: Aravin Sandran

In episode four of season six, Daenerys Targaryen burnt all the Khals alive and then emerged from the burning temple with her clothes seared off by the flames. Standing in the nude at the temple's entrance, the Dothraki kneeled before her in allegiance.

Faced with fourteen well-built Khals who ridicule her "paler than milk" skin and fantasise about assaulting her, she laid down her vision of leading the Dothrakis over the sea. Raising an eyebrow like a mother would do when her child throws a tantrum, she cut through their crap with her sharp vitriol before throwing down some major heat. There's nothing sexier than a woman on fire, literally and figuratively.

Physically mutitlated with one of his hands cut off, Ser Jaime Lannister unravelled emotionally during a vulnerable moment with Brienne of Tarth in episode five of season three in a steamy hot bath.

Save for this moment, Brienne of Tarth has always been guarded throughout the show's seven seasons — both physically in her armoured get-up and emotionally with her tough as nails exterior.

The scene began when Jaime invaded her bath with some pretty cocky mannerisms. The testy encounter took a turn, however, when he broke down the story behind his "Kingslayer" reputation. Brienne's initial curled-up defensive demeanour then gradually tranformed from aggression to sympathy. The heart-to-heart confession ended with Jaime collapsing in Brienne's arms, a posture that has been linked to Michaelangelo's famous "Pieta", which depicts the Virgin Mary cradling the body of Jesus.

The scene might be heartbreaking on the surface, but more than that, it showed us a woman can be full of contradications: hard and strong but also soft and empathetic. Expect more longing looks and intimate interactions between the characters in the final season with a high probablity — we're guessing — of Jaime passing away in Brienne's arms.

Sparks flew everytime the Commander of the Unsullied army Grey Worm and Daenery's Handmaiden Missandei spoke.

As these two former slaves come into their own as free people alongside Daenerys, their budding romance has been nothing short of adorable. What began as an after-work candle-lit Westorosi English tuition lesson in season four has slowly burned up the screen with its innocent chemistry until its consummation in episode two of season seven. Such a pity that only one of them will likely make it to the end.

The Red Priestess Melisandre had her way with the innocent Gendry.

The Red Priestess has used her obvious sex appeal to charm men in power countless times through the seasons. Whispering grand delusions of power into their ears, she has taken her clothes off and even given birth to a shadow demon to fulfill the prophecy she so deeply believes in. Here, it was not a potential rightful heir (or is it?) but the unacknowledged little-known son of King Robert Baratheon, Gendry who surprised all of us with his fit bod and succumbed to her magic. Yet, what seemed like a standard hit-and-run encounter took a dramatic turn when she strapped up Gendry against the bedframe and pulled out a bowl of blood-sucking leeches. It was Fifty Shades of Red, and this time, the woman was on top.

Jon Snow and Ygritte made sweet love in a cave.

In a scene straight out of a cheesy romance novel, Jon Snow broke his Night's Watch oath of celibacy and lost his virginity to Ygritte, a free-spirited Wilding. Turns out, the actors Kit Harrington and Rose Leslie fell in love on the GoT set in 2012 and went on to get married in 2018. We're hoping their IRL relationship will have more of a happy ending than their fictional one.

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