The Amy Winehouse documentary opens this week

The Amy Winehouse documentary opens this week

"Amy is a film about love"

Text: Adibah Isa

Image: Getty Images,
The Projector

Ahead of the screening of Amy at The Projector and Golden Village this week, director Asif Kapadia shares his thoughts on making the much-anticipated documentary

The film is about... "Amy and her writing. People didn't realise how important her lyrics were and how personal there were. They might have danced to that song and maybe didn't realise how personal the content really was."

For me, she was like... "A girl from down the road. I grew up in the same part of the world. It could be someone I knew, someone I was friends with or might have gone to school with. I thought we should investigate." 

I wanted to know... "How that happened in front of our eyes. How can someone die like that in this day and age? And it wasn't a shock; I almost knew it was going to happen. You could see she was going down a certain path." 

Amy Winehouse in 2004

The early instinct was that the songs... "Would be key. We began looking at the lyrics and thinking that this might be like a version of a Bollywood film where the narrative is in the lyrics and in the songs." 

Everyone knew she could sing, but... "Maybe people didn't realise how well she could write. She wrote the music herself as well. The whole thing was her." 

Amy is showing at The Projector on 27 August, 8.30pm. Book your tickets here. For the Golden Village screening, click here