#AskBuro: What should I watch at the Swedish Film Festival?

#AskBuro: What should I watch at the Swedish Film Festival?

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Text: Adibah Isa

In this episode of #AskBuro, culture editor Adibah Isa suggests three films to catch this weekend

The Projector has organised the Swedish Film Festival in Singapore for the first time, so here's a chance to discover a country in one of the best ways possible — through film. We round up three highlights: A thriller, a documentary and something slightly meta that might tickle your fancy. Have a listen, and take your pick.

Call Girl — 3o January, 8pm. Book here.

Trespassing Bergman — 30 January, 4.30pm. Book here.

The Reunion — 30 January, 7.30pm. Book here.


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