Why Tanjong Beach is going to host your best cinema experience

Why Tanjong Beach is going to host your best cinema experience

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Text: Adibah Isa

Image: Sunset Cinema,
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After Fort Canning Park, the next hot destination for film-goers is Tanjong Beach, thanks to Sunset Cinema presented by Peroni. Here are 5 reasons why

1. It's on a gorgeous strip of sand
You know Tanjong Beach as the home of Tanjong Beach Club (and The Shack — anyone remember that beloved short-lived hideout?), bronzed up bodies, fitness enthusiasts and the occasional beer pong. It's also home to the debut of Sunset Cinema, brought to you by the same guys behind Films at the Fort. If the idea of heading back from Sentosa puts you off, don't worry — free shuttle buses are on hand to drop you off at HarboutFront MRT and Vivo City.  

2. Be part of Singapore's first silent cinema experience
We have to admit — as lovely and heartbreaking as it was watching French flick Mon Roi last year at Fort Canning Park, the Buro 24/7 Singapore entourage were pretty miffed at our neighbours, who couldn't stop giving their two cents throughout the length of the film. Organisers Groundswell Events will ensure a focused viewing experience at Sunset Cinema with the introduction of wireless headphones complete with volume control. They're dubbing it Singapore's first silent cinema.

3. Tuck into food by Tanjong Beach Club
We're not just talking gourmet popcorn, my friend. As the official food partner, Tanjong Beach Club's preparing a spread of coastal cuisine. Think: Freshly shucked oysters, buns filled with chunks of Maine lobster, and a wholesome Tanjong Burger of angus beef and Emmental cheese. Yup, things will get messy but it will be worth it.

Lobster bun with avocado and wasabi mayonnaise

4. It's a chance to reconnect with yourself
Bringing together films that have received Oscar nods from performances by the likes of Natalie Portman, Dev Patel and Viggo Mortensen, Sunset Cinema's line-up will make you weep. Whether its painting portraits of real life individuals (Lion, Jackie, The Founder, A United Kingdom) or exploring life beyond our planet (Arrival), the movies are bound to make you connect with the pain and pleasure of the characters on screen. 

5. Redefine your cinema-going experience
Forget wrapping a shawl around you to battle the ridiculously cold conditions of a regular indoor cinema. Instead of plush seats where your arms brush awkwardly against a neighbour's (cue unwanted sexual tension), Sunset Cinema gets you comfortable on deck chairs, European summer-style. While the movie screenings start at 7.30pm, gates open at 5pm. So arrive early to snag the best seats and indulge in a pre-dinner sunset dance alongside DJ Stephen Day.

Tanjong Beach Club

Sunset Cinema runs from 5 to 14 May at 120 Tanjong Beach walk, Sentosa. Purchase your Sunset Cinema tickets online