Spike Lee's controversial BlacKkKlansman has a release date in Singapore

Spike Lee's controversial BlacKkKlansman has a release date in Singapore

Sign of the times

Text: Aravin Sandran

Image: The Projector

BlacKkKlansman is coming to The Projector in October
The film's premise is exactly is the title suggests. John David Washington, who happens to be actor Denzel Washington's son, plays Ron Stallworth, who, in the late seventies, pulls off two unlikely feats. First, he breaks new ground as the first African-American cop in Colorado Springs. Then, he infiltrates the infamous Ku Klux Klan. If the story sounds too outrageous, it happens to be true. The film is based on "Black Klansman", a memoir by the real Stallworth published in 2014.

The film's deep dive into American racial politics comes as the country is grappling with multiple police killings of young African-American men and the subsequent rise of the Black Lives Matter movement as well as the reemergence of a white nationalist movement under the watch of president Donald Trump's hateful rhetoric.

It is highly likely the film has not seen a release date in Singapore due to its contentious racially-driven narrative, until now. Independent cineplex The Projector took to its Instagram to announce that it will be releasing the film, making it the only theatre to be screening it in Singapore.
BlacKkKlansman is scheduled to be released at The Projector on 18 October.


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