One of South Korea’s top actresses, Son Ye-jin, is in a new Netflix drama

One of South Korea’s top actresses, Son Ye-jin, is in a new Netflix drama


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The “Nation’s First Love”, as she's known in South Korean, Son Ye-jin is in Netflix's new K-drama, Something In The Rain. Here are 5 things you need to know about the actress

1. Something In The Rain marks her television comeback after five years
Taking a hiatus from television for more film roles, the 36-year-old actress returned and starred in JTBC's 16-episode drama, Something In The Rain, alongside new actor Jung Hae-in. Also known by its literal title, Pretty Sister Who Buys Me Food, it was released on Netflix on 13 April, adding onto the list of other Korean dramas like The Sound of Your Heart, Hyori's Bed & Breakfast and Hello, My Twenties!. Working together with director Ahn Pan-seok, Son plays Yoon Jin-ah, a coffee shop supervisor who falls in love with Seo Joon-hee (Jung), her best friend's younger brother. "The feelings many women in my age experience were right there in the script. A calm story, and situations and a script that are easy to empathise with made me think that I needed to do this drama," she mentioned in an interview. 

2. She's dubbed as the "Queen of Melodrama"
Since the beginning of her career, she has a full streak of television shows and films to prove her title, with shows like The Classic, Lovers' Concerto, April Snow (that one with every middle-aged mother's favourite actor Bae Yong-joon) and Be With You. Of course, those projects earned her multiple prestigious awards in Korea, such as the Blue Dragon Film Awards and Baeksang Arts Awards.

3. She ranked first in the brand reputation rankings last month
In March this year, out of 186,994,906 sources of data surveyed by the Korean Business Research Institute on 50 actors, Son was listed as number one in the Movie Actor Brand category from Korea's Brand Power Survey, thanks to her role in Be With You. Her Be With You co-star, So Ji-sub, came in second, while Goblin star Gong Yoo was placed in third.

4. She has a knack for diverse roles
She may be known for her melodramatic roles portraying a sweet and innocent character early in her career, but recent roles saw Son playing a pirate in The Pirates, a con artist in The Art of Seduction and the last princess of Korea, Princess Deokhye, in the critically acclaimed The Last Princess. "I've been acting nonstop, but it's not easy. Sometimes I fear that I may lose interest, or that people may not employ me. Luckily during the process, I keep finding films that I want to work on. While I work on the films, I keep getting the urge to keep going," said Son. "There were no changes to the way I select my works but I did have strong desires in recent years to challenge myself and try something new," she added in another interview.

5. When it comes to relationships, she isn't that hopeful... yet
Who could've thought that this ageless face would be facing issues in the romance department? Son confessed in an interview that she's not the best when it comes to dating. "It's more difficult as you get older. I don't think it's possible to do something by force either. However, I'm waiting for a good match to show up," she said. "In my early and mid thirties, I was determined to find someone, but now I don't think that way anymore."Something In The Rain Netflix

Catch Son Ye-jin's latest Korean drama, Something In The Rain, on Netflix.

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