'Pet Sematary': Watch the terrifying new trailer for the second film adaptation of Stephen King's horror novel

Back from the dead

Text: Aravin Sandran

A revival of Stephen King's unique brand of horror is underway, following last year's freaky hit IT. This time around, his 1983 novel "Pet Sematary" is getting its second film adaptation since its 1989 runaway success and 1992 sequel that has met with lukewarm reception. If this new trailer is any indication of what's to come to the silver screen this April, this remake is going to satiate King's fans all over again.

There are some changes in the plotline though. While the original narrative witnessed the relocation of an all-American family to the rural hinterlands of Maine and the subsequent tragic death of their little son, this remake puts their older daughter Ellie in harm's way (a monster truck) before she gets resurrected as a creepy mask-wearing zombie who sneakily slices off Achilles' tendons with a dagger. 

Starring John Lithgow and Jason Clarke, the trailer also features some suspicious paganistic rituals in the woods, that one green-eyed killer cat we all love to hate and some double-jointed kids who walk on all fours. Hit play on the trailer above, and hold on a little tighter to your dear pets.

Sematary hits theatres on 4 April 2019.

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