'Now Apocalypse': Promiscuous millennials navigate a surreal Los Angeles in Gregg Araki's bizarre television series

'Now Apocalypse': Promiscuous millennials navigate a surreal Los Angeles in Gregg Araki's bizarre television series

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Text: Aravin Sandran

Who is Gregg Araki?
In a world where Netflix has become a synonym for television, Gregg Araki is just the man to get us back in front of our Samsung 55-inch QLED sets. He is the brains behind some of cinema's trippy cult hits including the angsty The Doom Generation (1995) starring Rose McGowan and Totally F***ed Up (1993). While he has had directorial stints on episodic television such as Netflix's youth dramas Riverdale and 13 Reasons Why, Now Apocalypse marks his television debut at the helm; his eccentric visions distilled into 10 freaky episodes of non-stop weirdness.

Who's starring in it?
There are some pretty boys in this. Indian-Canadian actor Avan Jogia who really should have played the lead role in Disney's live-action Aladdin headlines the cast. Jogia's early credits include stints on Nickelodeon's iCarly, and is set to star in Shaft and Zombieland: Double Tap this year. His romantic interest Gabriel is played by Teen Wolf cutie Tyler Posey. Relatively a new face on the scene, a blonde Kelly Berglund takes on the female lead.

What is Now Apocalypse about?
Resident 'sexpert' Kelly Sciortino joined Araki in the writing room for this. Many are familiar with her's Breathless column where she poses, and then answers frisky and risque questions. Her knowledge of sex isn't only measured in column inches; she's also the host and producer of Slutever on Viceland. I say all that to point out that the show is a great meeting of minds. The story is devised around Ulysses (Avan Jogia) and his motley crew of friends, Carly and Ford. They navigate their burgeoning identities and deviant desires in the surreal landscape of Los Angeles. Sciortino throws in a bunch of autobiographical references that you may have read about in her 2018 book Slutever into aspiring actress Carly. All that playful introspection is underpinned by Ulysses's dark premonitions of an alien (or giant lizard?) invasion. Whether it's paranoia or a wholly plausible twist in the narrative, no one really knows.


 Now Apocalypse premieres on Sunday, 10 March on American television network Starz.

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