Netflix has dropped a documentary on the cat show circuit and it's sending crazy cat ladies wild

Pussy galore

Text: Aravin Sandran

Netflix's 7 Days Out, which was released in December 2018, went behind-the-scenes of the prestigious Westminster Dog Show. Basically trading pooches for pussies, Catwalk: Tales from the Cat Show Circuit revolves around the ruckus of the prissy and competitive scene of cat pageantry in Canada. It's 70-minutes of hilarity if you're more of a dog person, or one can imagine, it's more of a nail-biting thriller for a cat person.

"If you're not number 1, you're the first loser", says Kim, the mature bourgeois owner of Bobby, a beautiful Turkish Angora that at one point coughs up a fur ball in front of a judge. If you're thinking that there's a pot of cash at the end of this furry rainbow, you'd be wrong. After getting catty with one another and grooming their pussy-cats all weekend long, these crazy frizzy-haired cat ladies are awarded just a ribbon, and more importantly for them, bragging rights for having the most beautiful pussy in the nation.

The cats are undoubtedly the stars of the film though. Whether it's wearing a coffee filter with the gusto of an Elizabethan ruffle collar or giving the proverbial finger to an obstacle course, watching felines do as they please makes us purr with pleasure.

Catwalk: Tales from the Cat Show Circuit is currently available on Netflix.