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Now showing on the Fox Network

Created in collaboration with Grey Group, the Buro 24/7 Singapore TV commercial is now showing on the Fox Network. Here's an inside look into the people and processes that made this project possible.

"Life is short, but you're here to flower. Dream yourself along another day. Never miss opportunity," sings Australian musician, Pete Murray. "Don't be scared of what you cannot see, your only fear is possibility. Never wonder what the hell went wrong, your second chance may never come along."  

So, you must be thinking: What does this have to do with the new TV commercial for Buro 24/7 Singapore?

Well, Pete Murray's Opportunity was one of the tracks that really nudged me to pursue my dream of working in fashion and publishing when I was still a lawyer in Melbourne. Fast forward five years, and here I am editing Buro 24/7 Singapore. Kinda crazy. 

So when we were presented with an opportunity to run a TVC on the Fox Network, it sounded so left field for a digital publishing portal, that I knew we had to grab this opportunity by both hands. Our second change may never come along...  

Working with Bettina von Schlippe, publisher of Buro 24/7 in Southeast Asia, we decided to engage Grey Group Singapore to create the TVC. 

Buro 247 SG TV Commerical - GREY art team

The brief: Something modern, fun-loving, and definitely digital. People have to know that we're online, mobile, and provide trusted advice and updates when it comes to fashion, beauty, watches, jewellery, and contemporary culture.

The result: Inspired by the idea of different flatlays representing the five different sections on Buro 24/7 Singapore — Fashion, Beauty, Culture, Lifestyle and Watches & Lifestyle — the TVC (see above) encourages you to check BURO247.SG every morning as you sit down at your desk with a hot cup of coffee (that Bettina rushed from a nearby cafe to the studio, miraculously not disturbing the latte art), whilst highlighting that the site is adaptive to all mobile tablets; emphasising that you can read Buro 24/7 on-the-go, anywhere and anytime. 

"The concept and idea of the video by Bettina and Norman is a beautiful and exciting one," said Harie Herman, one of the producers at Grey Group Singapore. (Thanks Harie!) "The only challenges that we faced in execution were mainly technical: 
We had to ensure that the images applied in the video had the right visual effect; and we also had to find a sweet spot in terms of balance, so as to not overwhelm the audience with too many transitions."

But, what many people don't know, is that Grey Group actually created an original piece of music for the TVC. That's right, original. So, to coincide with our 30 second ad hitting TV screens all around Singapore this week, I sat down with Marco Iodice, Music Composer and Sound Engineer at Grey, to discuss his creative process.

Buro 24/7 Singapore TV Commercial — Grey music producer, Marco Iodice

From the outset, we wanted to create an original track that reflected the brand essence of Buro 24/7 Singapore. How did you go about creating this music?
I consider music composition as a graphic artwork. I choose the ''palette of sounds''; that is, the rhythm and the melody. I believe that listeners can visualize music: Even though you might not be aware of it, when you listen to something, the sound is designing something in your mind. So I carefully selected each element in the track in attempt to create something consistent and in line with the Buro 24/7 style.

How would you describe the final track?
The final result has an uplifting rhythmic section that runs from the very beginning with a simple, yet constructed melody, and a loopy effect that will hopefully stay in your mind long after listening to it. All this is 'painted' with modern, bright colors, using digital instruments and original samples created only for Buro 24/7 Singapore.

What was the hardest thing about creating this original track?
For Buro 24/7 I wanted to create something avant-garde, something you would listen to in 6 months time on the radio; something that was not playing yet. This is challenging because we usually find inspiration in music that we are listening to right now; but doing that we are emulating the present. I was trying to write something for Buro 24/7 that was one step ahead.

Tell us more about the elements of the track, and how it represents the DNA of Buro 24/7 Singapore.
Each component of the track intends to describe a specific section of Buro 24/7 — from fashion to beauty, culture to lifestyle. The simple melody — which is the part that you might whistle to after listening the track — is meant to make you think of something shiny and colorful, whilst the the synth arpeggios around the melody are panned using the stereo effect to give the idea of something always in motion. All this sits on a solid digital groove intended to accelerate your personal pace. 

Overall, what do you want the audience to feel when they hear the music?
That Buro 24/7 is fast and up-to-date. Surrounded by moving elements. You maybe want to dance, or just tap your feet. The kind of music that shakes you, but doesn't interrupt your flow; makes you feel cool and curious.

Buro 24/7 Singapore TV Commercial — Grey production team

The Buro 24/7 Singapore TVC is now showing on the Fox Network.


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