MTV's Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club: Watch the teaser trailer for the trashy reality TV show that we've been waiting for

MTV's Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club: Watch the teaser trailer for the trashy reality TV show that we've been waiting for

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Text: Aravin Sandran

Lindsay Lohan's new reality TV show on MTV simply titled Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club was first announced back in July via an iPhone teaser with a little to no information on what to expect other than Lohan reclining on beach chairs in slinky caftans with a beat face. Well, some people would actually watch that. After all, following the success of The Parent Trap (1998) and Mean Girls (2004), Lohan has seized the attention of milliennials the world over with her wild child antics and club kid persona. The latest teaser trailer for the show, however, attempts to portray her in a new light, in her own words, as "a boss b****h".

The short clip opens with Lohan looking like a cheaper version of Greek goddess Aphrodite in a badly draped seafoam Grecian dress. She is in the middle of yet another glamarous yet dated photo shoot on the beach while in the voiceover she says, "I've gone through so much in my past. People always have given me trouble for going to clubs, so why don't I just open my own?" 


Besides the show and her itty-bitty supporting role in Netflix's Sick Note season two, Lohan hasn't had much else going for her in 2018. Since relocating to Dubai to get away from the conniving paparazzi and the glare of Hollywood, Lohan has been focussing her time on humanitarian projects. Her visits to Syrian refugee camps in Turkey and later a meeting with infamous Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan seemed to mould her in the same image as A-list starlet Angelina Jolie. Yet, Lohan is never too far from controversy. In September, she went on Instagram Live and falsely harassed a homeless Syrian refugee family for trafficking children. The footage showed Lohan chasing the family through the streets at night and attempting to take the children with her before being punched in the face by the mother.  

Let's be real: Lohan needs the cheque. Her docu-series on Oprah's OWN network netted her a cool 2 million dollars, so who could possibly blame her for attempting to get paid when her life's a beach, literally. Just don't hold your breath for a comeback.

MTV's Lindsay Lohan Beach Club premieres on 8 January 2019.

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