Mother's Day: What we can learn from the best and worst mothers of film and television

Mother's Day: What we can learn from the best and worst mothers of film and television

Mama knows best

Text: Ethan Lee

Editor: Aravin Sandran

Title: Peaky Blinders
Who: Elizabeth "Polly" Gray (Helen McCrory)
What: Aunt of the notorious Shelby siblings and treasurer of the family's business, Elizabeth "Polly" Gray is willing to give anything away for her son who was taken from her when she was young. After finding and bringing her son Michael Gray ( Finlay Lewis J. "Finn" Cole) into the Shelby family, she became very protective over him. Wanting Michael to live with a clean slate, Polly was willing to give up the family's secrets, plans, and even herself to their enemies, all in the name of her son.
Key takeaway: Self-interest or selfless — sometimes the hardest decision a mother can make is to let go.

Title: Sex Education
Who: Dr Jean F. Milburn (Gillian Anderson)
What: Sex therapist, Dr Jean F. Milburn may be able to figure out her clients' their love lives, but she can't seem to have a decent conversation with her son (Otis Milburn) or his friends without slipping in an uncomfortable sexual innuendo or reference.
Key takeaway: Mothers might know best, but when it comes to sex, no one wants to hear it from them.

Title: Mamma Mia! The Movie
Who: Donna (Meryl Streep)
What: Sophie (Amanda Seyfried) had always dreamt of having her father walk her down the aisle at her wedding. When she discovers that she had three potential fathers (whom she secretly invited her wedding on a Greek island), her mother Donna takes a walk down memory lane that's paved with nostalgia and a little bit of regret.
Key takeaway: The past traumas of a mother are often passed down to the next generation.

Title: Bird Box
Who: Malorie Hayes (Sandra Bullock)
What: Battling white-water rapids, fist-fighting a red-neck, overturning a capsized the boat and running through a thick forest while carrying two children might seem like impossible tasks, but not so much for Malorie Hayes who did all that blindfolded.
Key takeaway: When the going gets tough, mums get tougher.

Title: Forrest Gump
Who: Mrs. Gump (Sally Field)
What: "My momma always used to say: Life is a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get", was just one of the many quotes by Mrs Gump, the mother of Forrest Gump (Tom Hanks). Forrest Gump had learning disabilities when he was young, along with an below average IQ below the normal average person. No matter how tough it was to raise him, she never gave up. What's more, she broke down life's complexities into simple learning moments.
Key takeaway: Our mothers are often the strongest pillar of supports in our life, until they're gone.

Title: The Blindside
Who: Leigh Anne Tuohy (Sandra Bullock)
What: Based on a true story, Leigh adopts and raises Michael Oher (Quinton Aaron) after spotting him picking up leftover food on the bleachers. Seeing his potential and ignoring what everyone else thinks, she invests her time, money and love into making him the sporting hero he became.
Key takeaway: Even on the most horrid days when we feel like crap, our mothers ought to lift us up with belief and assurance that everything is going to be alright.